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Last weekend saw the Enduro2 Davos race take place in Davos Klosters in Switzerland. Enjoy these inspiring images and read about next year.

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The biking trails in this part of the world look incredible. Davos’ reputation as a secret mountain biking hotspot is not going to be secret much longer.

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We were there

Danny and Alan from mbr raced this year’s Davos2. There are some of their sickeningly lovely Instagrams featured below. They partly used the event as a means of testing a couple of bikes, namely the new Yeti SB 150 and the new Scott Ransom. The head-to-head test and video will be released shortly.

Enduro2 press release

Last weekend, 20 to 22 September 2018, in perfect sunny weather, the international mountain bike enduro scene came together in Davos, Switzerland for Enduro2. It was the second edition of this race which offers guaranteed fun times racing in teams of two. Almost 400 riders competed, absolutely loving the alpine race stages and breathtaking scenery on the incredible trails around Davos Klosters. The overall victory was won by the Wheeler – iXS Team of Stefan Peter and Tim Bratsch from RC Graenichen.

The event and the whole Davos Klosters area blew the international competitors away: “These are the best trails I have ever ridden!” “I cannot say which stage I liked best – they were all diamonds!” Or: “The best mountain bike event I’ve ever experienced!” This was the unanimous opinion of almost 200 teams from 14 nations, who all rode 16 timed stages over the three-day weekend. The overall distance was covered in the timed stages and liaisons supported by cable cars, giving plenty of time to enjoy the impressive alpine scenery of the Grisons mountains outside of the clock. Meeting and riding with new friends from far away countries, is what this event is all about and a big part of the appeal of Enduro2.


Experienced race teams at the top

As expected, highly experienced Enduro riders in the Male category battled from the start. In the end, the Wheeler – iXS Team with Stefan Peter and Tim Bratsch from RC Graenichen won the race with 1h 22min 56sec, just under two minutes ahead of Nick Beer and Daniel Eymann from Team BiXS / mtbeer Bikeschule & Solution. Team VELOBUDE – RSF with Fabian Buschor and Martin Kägi ranked third.

In the mixed category, a close duel took place over three days, which the local Sertig Bikers team of Karl Bühler and Andrea Kuster finally won in 1h 43min 30sec, only 20 seconds ahead of team one80shop.ch with Carla Coester and Dominic Schuppli. Third place went to the AP-Team of Ivan Püntener and Andrea Arnold.

During the first two days of the race, Team Aquarius with Andrea Wiederkehr and Nadja Sommer took the first place in the Women’s category. But on Saturday, Anja Rohrer and Priska Wiederkehr, team Sweet As, rode faster and took away the victory. Third place went to Fusion World with Jeanette Mayr and Myriam Häne.


Conclusion: “Mountain bike festival in a class of its own”

The Enduro2 organizing committee is over the moon: “Our goal was to show experienced bikers from all over the world the best trails of Davos Klosters in the best company”, says Britta Wild. “This has been more successful than we even hoped and a proper world-class mountain bike party!”

Race director Michi Wild is also extremely happy: “Last year’s first edition was considerably more difficult to organise due to heavy weather conditions and snow. This year the weather’s been great despite some morning fog on Saturday and many volunteers were here for the second time and knew how it all works. It’s all worked out wonderfully, we had no major incidents and a great atmosphere!”

A big thank you goes to the approximately 100 volunteers, without whom the event could not be run, as well as to the mountain railways Davos Klosters, whose efficient transport options makes such an enduro event possible in the first place.


Enduro2 for the third time: 5th to 7th September 2019

Fans of the event can look forward to next year already: The third edition of Enduro2 Davos will be held from Thursday to Saturday, 5th to 7th September 2019. Registration is possible at the latest from January 2019 on www.enduro2.ch, the exact date will be communicated in time on the channels of Enduro2.

See you next year!

Enduro2 Davos race format

Racers compete in pairs on multiple timed downhill stages. Racing with mates against the clock ramps up the fun factor, and helping each other safely finish and sharing the responsibility for speed. The whole event atmosphere is more laidback than a typical enduro.

This part of Switzerland – called Graumbünden – tops out at over 4,000m elevation. World Cup DH venue Lenzerheide is over the hill from Davos, there are just so many huge, sharp mountains jutting into one another in whatever direction you look.

Most of the trails raced in Davos Klosters are cared for by a local trail crew with a gift for maintaining incredibly fast and flowing trails high above the tree line.

Apparently, the signature of these trails is how you can really let go and trust the terrain and speed, without ever losing that feeling of being out in the midst of nowhere in amazing scenery. The tracks aren’t overly manicured or bermed to death. Enduro2 claims to offer a really good mix of challenging terrain.