MBR's e-bike week such a bit hit, it's even inspired Bellingham and the lads to try out some KTM and Scott e-bikes!

Have you heard?! It’s e-bike week here on MBR, and we’re pleased to see we’ve even managed to inspire Southgate’s lads into trying some out in between matches. They might currently be preparing to play Denmark on Thursday, but that hasn’t stopped them enjoying some downtime on some KTM and Scott’s hired from a local German bike shop. We like to think we may have had some influence in their decision to ride. Don’t @ us about their saddle heights, but if we see any knee injuries ahead of the match, we may have an inkling as to the cause…


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So what is there to read about, learn about and do this week?

Well, besides frantically checking for updates on England’s squad ahead of the next fantasy football deadline, we’ve got plenty of interesting things for you to read and watch this week. First up are some reviews, and they’re not all £10k top-end e-bikes either. The Yamaha Moro 07, for instance, is just over £4k and comes with a premium spec, so that’s definitely worth checking out. Plus, there will be more added as the week goes on.

There’s also buyer’s guides in case you want to discover what the best e-bikes are at all levels. There’s lightweight options and full-fat bikes too, and we’ve even picked out some budget options.

We’ve also got some articles on important e-bike skills! From how to climb anything on your e-bike, to basic e-bike skills. And even, how to stay fit on an e-bike.

And finally, we’ve got some ride inspiration specifically for e-bike riders. Choose your next destination in the UK from some of our favourite routes.

There’s plenty of reading and riding to be done before 5PM on Thursday, so make sure you get outside and enjoy some time on two wheels before then.