We're running a week-long spotlight on electric mountain biking this week, with reviews of the latest budget e-bike models, buying advice, maintenance tips, and skills guidance.

With summer finally making an appearance, the trails drying out, and mountain bikers looking to get out and ride, we’re running a week dedicated to the fast moving world of electric mountain bikes.

Whether you’re an e-bike addict looking to update your rig, or e-bike curious and keen to find out what all the fuss is about, we’ve got you covered with tons of content on MBR.co.uk. And we’ll be highlighting some of the best articles over the course of the week, as well as publishing new reviews on a quartet of affordable e-bikes from the likes of Decathlon, Yamaha, and Giant.

So stay tuned and keep checking back through the week. And in the mean time, here’s a run down of what to expect and some of our recommended content to check out. Oh, and hit the ‘E-Bike Week’ tag link just under the featured image above and you’ll see all the E-Bike Week content in one place.

Upcoming content this week: E-Bike Reviews

Decathlon Rockrider E-Expl 520S

The Decathlon Rockrider E-Expl 520S is a whole lot of e-bike for not a lot of cash.

Decathlon Rockrider E-EXPL 520S review

Decathlon has been a huge player in the cycling market for a long time now, and the Rockrider E-Expl 520S is the sports superstore chain’s latest budget e-bike. But while the price is keen the spec is far from mean, with a smooth, silent Brose motor, air-sprung suspension, and modern geometry. All for less than £3k (and it’s on sale at the moment!).

Yamaha Moro 07

Yamaha’s twin-tube frame layout on the Moro 07 is straight out of the motorcycle playbook.

Yamaha Moro 07

A household name in the motorcycle market, Yamaha has actually been making electric bikes and motors for many years now. The Moro 07 is a distinctive design that leans heavily into brand’s motorbike knowledge. It comes with a really high-end spec and powerful motor, and costs just over £4k.

Polygon Siskiu T7E

Polygon’s Siskiu T7E has all the features you’d expect on a model costing twice the price.

Polygon Siskiu T7E

Sold through the Go Outdoors chain, Polygon has made a name for itself at the sharp end of affordable bike design. This Siskiu T7E comes fully loaded with a Shimano motor, fully adjustable suspension, aggressive geometry, and looks like it should costs more than double its £4k price tag.

Giant Stance E+ 1

The curvaceous Giant Stance E+ 1 comes from one of the most respected brands in the business.

Giant Stance E+1

Our final contender comes from a brand that needs no introduction, with one of the biggest factories in the world churning out bikes for a number of household brands. Fitted with a Yamaha motor and innovative flex-stay rear suspension, the Giant is an attractive prospect.

Mondraker Dune XR

Make sure you spend your money wisely: Check out our buyer’s guide before parting with your hard-earned.

Other content to check out: Buyer’s guides

If you’re looking to join the growing band of e-bike addicts, getting high on a heady cocktail of breezy ascending and rock-solid descending, our buyer’s guides should be your first port of call. Our buyer’s guides highlight the very best models from the dozens that we’ve tested over the last ten years or so. Start with our overall best electric mountain bike guide, but we’ve also got guides to the best budget electric mountain bikes, as well as the best lightweight electric bikes. It’s also worth arming yourself with insight into the best electric motors on the market, too.

Should you buy a lightweight mid-power e-bike, or a full power e-bike with a big battery and just deal with the extra weight? 

It’s a question we hear a lot, and in this article we aim to answer it objectively, drawing on experience of riding scores of lightweight e-bikes in multiple locations and trail conditions. What are the pros and cons? What type of rider is likely to be happy making the kind of compromises needed to live with a diet e-bike? Are the weight savings really noticeable? We aim to answer all those questions and more.

Chris Akrigging

Chris Akrigg unlocking a seemingly impossible rock section on his e-bike

How to get the most out of your e-bike: Skills

We’ve also got a stack of articles advising you how to get the most out of your e-bike, from skills advice to maintenance tips. Riding an e-bike is a very different experience to an analogue bike, so you’ll find you have to make tweaks to your technique to get the most of it. With the help of the acclaimed coaches at Dirt School, we show you how to adapt your technique to improve your e-bike riding, make the most of the extra power to climb anything on your e-bike, and we’ve also tapped into the superhuman skills of trials maestro Chris Akrigg, to show you how to unlock those impossible technical sections. And if you think it’s going to be tough to keep your fitness up on an e-bike, think again – we have an article revealing how to stay in shape on your e-bike.

Ebike motor repair shop

Specialist service centres can help if your e-bike motor has an issue.

How to care for your e-bike

E-bikes are expensive, complex bits of kit, and they need careful looking after to ensure trouble-free ownership. We have advice on how to maximise the health of your battery, how to clean your e-bike safely, and if the worst should happen, where to get your e-bike motor repaired.

SRAM AXS Powertrain

E-bikes get you to places you wouldn’t have previously dreamed were within reach.

Where to ride your e-bike

Finally, for inspiration of where to ride your brand new e-bike, have a look at our routes advice. We have a rundown on our favourite e-bike rides around the UK.