Bosch make some of the most used mid-drive motors. And the company sees an even bigger growth story going forward, in the e-bike world.

Bosch sees 50% of new bikes sold, having a motor, only four years from now; their head of eBike systems, believes that the amazing e-bike growth trend is not close to tapering.

When mountain bike brands make bold predictions about the e-bike’s future, you can dismiss half of it as optimistic marketing. But when one of the world’s oldest and most respected engineering suppliers, starts talking about future demand, thought is much closer to fact.

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Even the most ardent e-bike supporter, would struggle to envisage a future where the 34% growth of 2020, could keep repeating. But Bosch sees an enormous e-bike market, by 2025.

Bosch were right in at the start of e-bikes

Bosch believes the e-bike story – is only starting

The German company, which supplies a broad diversity of bike brands with mid-drive motors, believe that every second new bike sold in Europe, will have pedal-assistance, by 2025.

That number won’t correlate exactly into the mountain bike market, but it indicates that e-bikes, are going to become an even more significant part of any company’s range. Soon.

What are the benefits of achieving such scale, by 2025? Expect to see greater energy density in battery packs.

By 2025 you’ll either be riding a much lighter e-bike on the trails, or one with similar weight to what is currently available – but offering enormous range benefits.

Is there risk attached to Bosch’s vision of this surging demand, through to 2025? Most mountain bikers are well versed in the component crisis. Suspension, drivetrain and all manner of other components are in short supply.

In the realm of electronics, a global microchip shortage, although not influencing e-bike prediction now, could come into play. Especially if it is not resolved, and the e-bike growth story, continues apace.