The Italian suspension specialist has a new version of its Storia, designed for enduro e-bikes.

Italian boutique suspension brand, EXT, has added an e-bike specific shock to its product range.

The marketing rationale is that e-bikes are heavier, and therefore require a revised EXT shock offering, to cope with increased suspension loads.

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With many e-bikes being in the enduro category, there is credibility to EXT’s impetus for developing an updated version of its Storia shock.

No surprises with the naming convention of this new EXT component, which is branded as ‘e-Storia’. The coil-shock configuration might not look much different from a standard Storia V3, but there are some industrial design differences.

Better oil-flow management

EXT has chosen to build the e-Storia with a chromoly shaft, for improved structural strength. There is also a reorientated oil reservoir, which should reduce frame clearance issues.

The changes that aren’t visible include higher viscosity oil, which should keep damping more consistent as operating temperatures rise, especially on those long Alpine descents during summer.

EXT has also added low-friction seals and the e-Storia’s main piston differs from a conventional Storia in its design profile, to work with the required flow rates and load case of a long-travel e-bike being ridden on the limit.

More clicks for you to use

For riders to best profit from all these design changes, EXT has added broadened range of adjustability for its coil shock.  The e-Storia has additional high- and low-speed compression adjustment settings.

If things get really rowdy on your e-bike, the hydraulic bottom-out control has an appropriate range of adjustability too, accounting for the heavier weight of enduro e-bikes.

Sizes and compatibility? EXT is offering the e-Storia in metric or trunnion mount configuration, with spherical bearings as a factory option. Conventional sizes run 185, 205, 210, and 210mm eye-to-eye.

Reference weight is 460g and you can go up to a coil spring tension rating of 800lb. Pricing for this new EXT e-Storia coil shock is €879.