The Andorran brand has four very serious new full-suspension bikes designed to develop the skills of little rippers between the ages of 5 to 12 years old.


The new Commencal Clash Kids range uses a children’s specific frame and “specific components” to help provide them with the best platform to develop their enduro and DH skills, and are the only full-suspension bikes for kids the brand has in its repertoire. To see what they’re up against, why not read our guides to the best kids bikes and the best kids’ full-suspension bikes.

“Faster than dad” is apparently the aim that Commencal want the kids to have when riding their bikes. No mention of mum, though, so we’ll assume it’s because she’s faster than dad and the kids have absolutely no chance of even following her wheel. But we digress…

Commencal Clash Kids

The 20 and 24 models get the RockShox treatment, while the bigger JR and XS models are equipped with Fox suspension

Commencal Clash Kids need to know:

  • Four bikes to suit kids between ages 5 and 12 or 115 to 160cm in height
  • All full-suspension, designed for enduro and DH riding
  • Virtual pivot technology
  • Prices start at €2,458
Commencal Clash Kids

Commencal Clash Kids bikes might just look like shrunken down adult bikes, but Commencal say everything has been “conscientiously designed to deliver an experience never before achieved on 20″ and 24″ mountain bikes”

Clash 20 and 24

The Clash 20 and 24 bikes (model name is denoted by the wheel size), are designed to be your kids’ first full-suspension bike. For kids from age 5 (115cm), you get a choice of 20in or 24in wheels, a specifically developed Manitou Machete Junit Pro forks and 10 or 11-speed drivetrains. Travel-wise, you’re looking at 120mm on the front and 125mm on the rear for the 20 model, and 145mm front and rear on the 24 model.

Both frames are made from 6064 aluminium, and weigh 10.7kg for the 20in and 12.5kg for the 24in model. Prices start at €2,458.33 for the 20 model and €2,833.33 for the 24. On the UK website, Commencal only has the 24 V2 model listed for now, at £2,400, and SRAM looks to be the groupset manufacturer of choice for this range.

Commencal Clash Kids

The JR is ideal for kids between 135 and 150cm in height

Clash JR/XS

So, beyond making the bikes smaller and lighter, what differences are there between adult and kids’ full-suspension bikes? The kinematics, for one thing, as well as the wheel size. Commencal has used Virtual Pivot technology to help create a bike that from the videos of talented youngsters making me feel bad about my lack of skill looks like it creates a balanced and agile ride. Commencal also says that the suspension is adjustable to further dial in the ride.

So for the slightly older and bigger kids, there are two options: the Clash JR and the Clash XS. The JR is the smaller of the two, with a 26″ wheel setup, and is designed to suit riders between 135cm and 150cm, or aged 9/10 and above. The bigger kids are treated to Fox suspension and 160mm of travel front and rear. The Clash JR weighs in at a not-inconsequential 14.6kg and costs €3,000.

Commencal Clash Kids

Each bike has specially sized handlebar widths and grip diameters for smaller hands

The slightly bigger Clash XS comes with a mullet setup of 27.5in and 26in wheels, and suits riders between 148cm and 160cm. It comes with 170mm travel up front and 160mm on the rear, and weighs in at 15.1kg – perhaps ignore that comment earlier about making kids’ bikes lighter…

Both bikes come with 11 or 12-speed groupsets, alloy frames and Spank tubeless wheels. For the XS, you’re looking at €3,000, same as the JR. Whether you want to spend that sort of money on a bike your kid will likely grow out of quite quickly is another matter, but, there’s no denying they’d be well-equipped if they were lucky enough to try one of the Clash range.

The Clash range adds another dimension to the Commencal choices for kids, compared to the more beginner oriented Ramones and Meta HT collections. The Clash range is available on the Commencal website now, in Europe at least – with just the Clash 24 V2 model on the UK website at the time of writing.