A marvellous selection this week if we do say so ourself


The latest edition of our series of bargain scopings that we call Dirty Deals. The keenest deals and most eyebrow-raising offers that we’ve found.

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Kona Process 111 DL 2016 – £4,399.00 – £2,639.00

Save 40%! Normally a bike from two (nearly three) seasons ago wouldn’t be worth including in Dirty Deals but the 2016 Kona 111 is a different beast. One of the genuine modern cult classic mountain bikes. This bike is still ahead of its time. Short on travel, big on everything else!

Shimano SLX M7000 Disc Brake – £94.99 – £49.99

Save 47%! It really is not worth spending mega bucks on higher tier disc brakes from Shimano. They are all great and the weight saving on expensive disc brakes is depressingly small. SLX is all you ever need.

Schwalbe Magic Mary 27.5 x 2.35in – £35.49 – £15.99

Save 55%! NB: this is the ‘Bikepark’ version of the Magic Mary ie. it’s indestructible but it weighs a ton. As such it makes for an ideal winter rear tyre for the heavy hitters out there. It’ll last you a lifetime. Well, a couple of winters anyway.

Joe’s No Flats Mountain Bike Tubeless Conversion Kit – £22.99

Who would win in a fight between Stan and Joe? It’s hard to say. Competition is healthy anyway, hey? This kit from Joe fits all 26in, 27.5in and 29in MTB rims that have 19-25 mm interior width. Weight: 70g per rim strip, including valve.

Manitou R7 100mm 26in suspension fork – £500.00 – £200.00

Save 60%! Don’t say we neglect our readers who a rocking along on the classic 26in wheel size on shorter travel bikes with trad QRs.

Shimano XT M785 Disc Brake – £75.00

Similar to the 2016 Kona 111 listed above, the M785 era of XT disc brake is renowned as being THE best all-round reliable version of XT disc brakes in the modern era. Snap them up before they’ve all gone.

Hutchinson Protect’Air Max 1L Tubeless Tyre Sealant – £19.99

Can you ever have too much tyre sealant in your stocks? No, is the answer. If, like us, you’re more interested in the best current deal than sticking to nay particular brand, here’s a bargain bucket of Hutchinson’s goop.

Pro FRS T6 31.8mm Handlebar 800mm x 40mm – £35.99 – £24.99

Save 31%! AL-2014 T6 construction ensures acceptable weight to strength ratio. 800mm wide, 31.8mm oversize clamp diameter.
Available in 20mm and 40mm rise. Weight: 345g.

Shimano M424 Pedals – £25.99

Shimano don’t really promote these pedals very much but you will find resin-caged SPDs like these on a lot of old veteran enduro racers’ bikes, for example. Sheer reliability. No frills. Bump shruggers.

B’Twin CO2 Cartridge Tri-Pack 16g – £3.99

Whilst one 16g capacity CO2 cannister isn’t quite enough to inflate a big bike tyre properly from fully flat, they are still useful for getting a tubeless tyre up and sealed to then either finish off with a mini-pump (or with another 16g cannister).

B’Twin 500 Track Pump – £14.99

Whilst this isn’t the most sophisticated of track pumps (the head doesn’t automatically adjust for schrader or presta valves, the pressure gauge is low down the shaft rather than at the top, etc etc) for fifteen quid you gets what you pay for. Very car boot-worthy if nothing else.

B’Twin 920 Telescopic Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge – £14.99

Designed to inflate your tyres up to 8 bar. Fitted with a pressure gauge. Universal pump with flexible connector for presta and schrader valves. With a double telescoping body. Weight: 148g. Size: 32 cm.

Oxford Aqua Waterproof Bag 25L – £44.99

Are you going on a big bike ride – maybe a spot of bikepacking – and the weather is going to be rather inclement? Or maybe you’re a commuter who needs to keep his work clothes dry? Or maybe you just really like big yellow backpacks? Here you go then.

B’Twin 1-Bike Transport Cover Bike Bag – £49.99

Large zipped opening; storage pocket for wheel axles. Width: 1350 mm x Height: 850 mm x Depth: 270 mm, so possibly not for super long modern enduro/downhill sleds, but fine for most folks no doubt.