The eight best things on the internet as of now


Dirty Deals! Come and get yer Dirty Deals here! What have we got for you this week? Just have a scroll down for yourselves.

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Specialized Comp Deflect Wind Jacket – £49.99 – £24.99

Save 50%! Even though the rain will never truly leave us alone (in the UK at least) it is finally time to ditch the hefty, sweaty winter jacket and switch to a lighter showerproof shell. Here’s a great deal on a great jacket.

Specialized 2fo Cliplite shoe – £139.99 – £74.99

Save 46%! There’s not many clipless shoes that manage to combine form and function like the Spesh 2fo shoes here. They manage to pack in the tech without ending up loking like corrective footwear or, worse, triathloin shoes.

Specialized 26oz Purist Watergate Bottle – £14.99 – £5.99

Save 60%! Big bottle. Big bite valve. Big discount. For those who like things metric, 26oz is pretty much the same as 750ml.

M Part Torque Wrench – £54.99 – £33.92

Save 38%! A well respected domestic workshop torque wrench from Madison’s tool brand. Adjustable from 3 to 14 Nm
Includes M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10 and T25 sockets.

DiamondBack Full Face Helmet – £54.99 – £46.49

Save 15%! Not a huge discount by Dirty Deals standards but a full face helmet for under fifty quid is not to be sniffed at (espeically after a hard day’s riding in it). Sure, it’ll be a bit sweaty and won’t be as light as fancy lids but for occasional uplift use, game on.

Shimano XT M8000 Disc Brake – £124.99 – £85.00

Save 32%! Shimano’s XT groupset is as high as most folk are prepared to go when it comes to component purchasing. There’s only megabucks XTR above XT and all the gruppos below XT just don’t look as swish and sorted.

X-Tools Pro Cable Tie and Tyre Snips – £12.99 – £8.49!

Save 34%! Yeah yeah, cable snips. Whatever. HANG ON A MINUTE! These are not just (really nice) cable snippers, they’re tyre tread trimmers as well. Alert your nearest rubber fetishist now!

Shimano XT M8020 Trail Wide Clipless Pedals – £94.99 – £57.49

Save 39%! What’s good about the XT is that the pedal body is forged aluminium, so can really handle abuse, making it great if you ride regularly on rocky terrain. The amount of support is similar to most of the other mid-sized pedals but with a steel axle it feels super-solid under foot.