Baby it's cold outside, so bag some hot deals instead

This week sees our regular Dirty Deals series ignoring the seasonal themed deals of the past two weeks and returning to the classic something-for-everyone vibe.

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If you’ve been keeping your powder dry waiting for some proper bargains – it’s time to reap what you’ve sewn. Something for everyone…

Race Face Indy shorts – £57.00 – £28.50

Save 50%! As the blizzards encircle you and you prepare to bed down in your office for the rest of the week surviving only on Rich Tea biscuits and Nescafé, it can be hard to contemplate ever wearing shorts again. But you will. So bag some bargain baggies now.

Race Face Trigger gloves – £30.00 – £15.00

Save 50%! We say this pretty much every edition of Dirty Deals: you can never have enough riding gloves so you should always buy a decent pair whenever they appear in the sales.

Race Face Nano Packable jacket – £80.00 – £40.00

Save 50%! Are you spotting a theme here? Yep, there’s a lot of Race Face clobber on half-price sale at Wiggle at the moment. This jaffa-tastic jerkin is the tip of the apparel iceberg.

Vitus Escarpe 29 VRX – £2,199.99 – £1,869.99

Save 15%! We make no secret of our appreciation of big wheeling Vitus bikes here at mbr, we’ve loved their previous 29 VRX models and this 2017 one comes with Boost axles now. Other than that, same great bike.

Shimano Zee M640 disc brake – £144.99 – £99.99

Save 31%! To paraphrase Samuel L Jackson in Jackie Brown, Shimano Zee disc brakes: The very best there is. When you absolutely, positively got to stop-dead on every ******* trail in the place, accept no substitutes.

Five Ten Freerider shoes – £85.00 – £54.99

Save 35%! Sure, they’re maroon. Not everyone’s first choice of colourway admittedly. But what colour are they going to end up after a few rides anyway, eh? Ignore the colour, feel the deal.

Shimano M540 SPD pedals – £59.99 – £34.99

Save 42%! Something for the clipper-inners out there. Shimano M540 pedals will survive a thermonuclear blast. Probably. It’s never been tested but we’re fairly confident they would. Bombproof classic spuds for no-frills daily duties.

Shimano Deore XT M8000 I-SPEC II disc brakes – £119.99 – 77.99

Save 35%! The latest XT brake has been refined very effectively — it’s lighter as well as being improved ergonomically and aesthetically, and the lower price makes it decent value too – especially at this discounted offer.

e.thirteen Guide Ring – £42.95 – £30.52

Save 29%! If you’re looking for narrow wide chainring in either 34T or 36T sizes to go on a traditional four-arm crank then you’re in luck. Especially if you like blue or red.

Shimano Tsukinist 20 Litre backpack – £74.99 – £37.50

Save 50% This pack is technically not really aimed squarely at mountain biking and it may be a bit swish for getting all covered in filth but for fairweather use or for commuting or simply using as an overnight gear bag, it looks great.

Oxford Chain 8 Lock – £40.01 – £28.00

Save 30%! We don’t know what it is but there’s something about winter that brings out the bike thefts. Maybe it’s baddies getting ready for Christmas, maybe it’s just because it’s darker for longer, or maybe it’s due to chilled and rushing riders not securing their wares properly. Whatever. Get prepped to counter theft.

Cube Kid 160 Action Team 16″ kids bike – £239.00 – £164.99

Save 31%! Snow if falling… all around… children playing… having fun. Sorry to put a bit of Shakey inside you (as it were) but Christmas was originally invented as a means of giving bikes to kids. Fact. Here’s a rather snazzy number from Cube.

MBR subscription - under 20

mbr subscription offer – under £20.00

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Shimano Deore M615 F&R disc brake set – £139.98 – £99.95

Save 28.5%! Is three sorts of Shimano disc brakes in one edition of Dirty Deals a bit too much? Maybe. But winter does also seem to be the time when folk start to realise they need better brakes. Under a hundred quid to slap some Shimanos on yer bike? Deal!