Back once again is the renegade master of mountain bike deals

Back once again is the renegade master of mountain bike deals. Yep, after the Blackest of Cyber months we celebrate the return of Classic Dirty Deals.

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Topeak Alien 2 Multi Tool – £39.99 – £25.99

Save 35%! 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm Allen wrenches, T25 Torx wrench, Tyre levers (x2), 8, 9, 10mmHex bolt wrenches (2pcs of each), Universal chain tool, Chain hook, Spoke wrenches for 14g & 15g, Stainless knife, Bottle opener, 10mm Allen socket, Mini pedal wrench, Compartment for two chain pins, Phillips & flat screwdrivers, Clip bag included, 270g.

Hope Bottom Bracket Stainless – £85.00 – £65.00

Save 24%! There was a double glazing advert on the telly back in the 80s that went “Fit the best, fit Everest”. It’s a catchphrase that always comes to mind when fitting a Hope bottom bracket.

Gusset EXT24C Bottom Bracket – £59.99 – £34.99

Save 42%! For those that want – nay, need – a colourway that isn’t offered up by the Hope BB above or folk who just can’t quite reach to £65, here’s an excellent alternative from Gusset.

Renthal Fatbar Lite – £64.99 – £46.00

Save 29%! Fatbar Lite bars are the 740mm wide bars from the classic Renthal brand. A great choice for smaller riders or simply for riders who prefer their bars narrower than the modern wide way.

ODI Troy Lee Lock On Bonus Grips – £26.99 – £21.49

Save 20%! Grooved channels. Over moulded flap for added protection form clamps. Unique undercut pads. Custom off angle flanged design.

DMR Vault Pedals – £99.99 – £68.74

Save 31%! The modern classic flattie from the UK’s primo pedal pushers DMR.

Specialized SIP Locking Grips – £18.00 – £9.49

Save 47%! Half waffle with a finger tip panel grid for extra traction and feel. Single inner locking collar makes for a comfier ride and will stop you scraping your car panels if you lean your bike against it (we’ve all done it).

Five Ten Freerider EPS – £104.99 – £77.99

Save 26%! The sole of Freerider Five Tens is the best for trail riding and enduro racing. But often the uppers of the more affordable Freerider shoes are canvas and as such soak up – and retain – water dreadfully. These EPS Freeriders don’t soak up water and also don’t let it in as easily.

Fox Camo Pinned Wallet – £22.00 – £12.99

Save 41%! Everyone like money. Everyone likes camo. Everyone needs to get something for Christmas. Here’s a one-stop solution for all of the highly important factors.

Crank Brothers Multi-17 Tool Red – £27.99 – £19.99

Save 29%! Weight: 168g. Length: 3.5″ / 89mm. Frame: 6061-T6 aluminium. Tool Material:- 6051 high tensile steel. Chain tool included: 8/9/10 speed compatible. Spoke wrench: Included. Hex wrenches: # 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8. Screwdrivers: Phillips & flat head. Open wrench: 8mm, 10mm. Torx: t-25. Warranty: Lifetime.

Clif Bar Box of 12 x 68g – £19.08 – £14.31

Save 25%! Stokc up on trail snacks with the box of the best bars – y’know, bars that you actually want to eat whilst out on a mountain bike ride. You’ll probably eat a couple of them when not out on the bike as well. Tasty.

Astute Mudline VT Saddle – £160.00 – £64.00

Save 60%! A very astute choice indeed. Armoured bumbers, light rails, cutaway pressure relief, light weight and a dipped padded nose for proper ‘on the rivet’ ascending.