Black Monday

Even though every person and their dog are shoring up ready for Black Friday in a couple of weeks there are still nuff bargains out there mate innit.

Check ’em out…

Camelbak Skyline LR 10 Low Rider – £109.99 – £59.99

Save 45%! Low slung hydration and storage. Keeps your centre of gravity lower down and also helps when ducking under branches and through undergrowth.

Shimano XT M8000 15mm/142mm 29″ wheelset – £399.98 – £274.99

Save 31%! A bargain wheelset for bikes that pre-date the new Boost axle standards. These are classic 15mm front and 142mm bolt-thru wheels for twenty niner riders.

Park CT5 Compact Chain Brute – £14.99 – £9.98

Save 33%! If you only want to own one chain tool and use it in the workshop and on the trial then the Park CT5 is the tool for you. Compact enough to carry. Capable enough for accurate chain work at home.

Park DT2C Rotor Truing Fork – £19.99 – £11.95

Save 40%! If you have less than straight rotors (which you probably don’t have) then you’ll be experiencing sub par freewheeling and less than perfect braking feel too. Sort it out mate.

SKS T-Knox Mini Tool – £11.99 – £4.99

Save 58%! The choice of multitools is seemingly endless so why choose this one over one of the others? Well, not a lot to be frank. But if you do go for this little guy you can be sure it’ll serve you well; it’s made by SKS.

Evoc Stage 3L + 2L Hydration Pack – £99.95 – £54.99

Save 45%! During winter times you’ll often not be out riding for as long as you do at other times of year. This modest backpack will be lighter and less obtrusive than your current OTT beastie.

M Part Single Ring XC Chain Device – £39.99 – £22.99

Save 43%! Coversd a range of 32-32T tooth chainring up front. While many folk are happy to run a 1x drivetrain without a retention device there are plenty of ragged rough riders who prefer the belt and braces approach.

Topeak Smart Digital Gauge D2 – £29.99 – £20.99

Save 30%! As tyres get fatter and carcasses get thicker – as a general trend anyway – it can be increasingly important to set your tyres up accurately and consistently. Track pump gauges are often iffy at low pressure. And your thumb isn’t accurate either!

MET Parachute helmet – £189.99 – £129.94

Save 32%! Don’t treat this as a one helmet. Look at it as a two helmets in one. Because it is. Which sounds like a really daft thing to say but in these days of enduro racing and uplift days there are loads more people getting more use out of a full facer than there used to be.

MET Parabellum helmet – £139.99 – £69.85

Save 50! Half price for an exceedingly capable, lightweight and airy lid. There are less bright colourways available but there’s something about this matte yellow that seems right.

Osprey Escapist 25 bag – £80.00 – £59.99

Save 25%! This is pretty much the polar opposite of the Evoc bag above. This ain’t for short rides. This is for all-day epics. Preferably multi-day epics in fact. A full featured outdoors pack with impressively low weight.

Saris Porter 3 Bike Car Rack – £127.00 – £84.99

Save 33%! Saris are more recognised for their plastic banana-armed shape racks but this is their affordable steel armed bike rack. It may not be as light, or pack down as small, or look as cute as their ‘banana’ racks but it’s still a good option.

DMR MK5 Chainstay Sleeve – £6.99 – £1.00

Save 86%! A chainstay protector for a quid. A quid! One hundred not even shiny pennies. Even if your bike already has a chainstay protector you may have a bike that still needs a bit of de-clattering on the seat stays (or near the cassette end of the chain stay). £1!

GoPro Chest Mount Harness – £39.99 – £26.98

Save 33%! Don’t waste your money on a new GoPro that shoots better slomo (yawn) or in 4K (no one watches YouTube in 4K anyway). Get yourself a new harness rig and find a new angle to your edits.

Specialized Purgatory 650B x 3.0in tyre – £44.99 – £22.49

Save 50%! A big bit of rubber for not a big price tag. The Plus size version of the ever popular Spesh Purgatory tyre makes for a decetn all rounder. Dual compound and tubeless ready.

Blackburn SWITCH Multi-tool – £17.99 – £14.39

Save 20%! Multi-tool designs like this first appeared a couple of years ago from niche manufacturers and now it seems that the big brand names are getting on board.

Blackburn Plugger Tubeless Repair Kit – £17.99 – £14.39

Save £17.99! Don’t tell your mate who still refuses to go tubeless but it’s true, you do still get punctures with tubeless tyres. Nowhere near as frequently as with inner tubes but tyre cuts happen and sometimes sealant isn’t up to the job. That’s when you need these things in this handy kit.

Endura FS-260 Pro SL Shell Jacket – £164.99 – £98.99

Save 40%! A perfect piece of kit for when you need to be riding in rough conditions but do not want to be held back by a bulky garment. The Endura FS260-Pro SL Shell Jacket has high levels of waterproofness and windproofing in a lighter weight form fitting package.