Big name brands

Big name brands at no so big prices in this week’s collection of the most tempting mountain bike deals on t’internet.

RockShox Pike 29 140/150mm 46mm offset – £953.00 – £680.00

If you’re a 29er rider then the chances are your current forks are sporting 51mm offset. These are long travel 29er Pikes that have the shorter 46mm offset number. No idea what offset is all about? You’re probably best off that way. But if you’ve become obsessed with fork offset tweaks, you’ll be interested in these forks.

Bike Tools workstand – £124.79 – £69.95

A decent soft-jawed fully adjustable workstand for almost half price. Until you’ve used a workstand for setting up gears or disc brakes, you can’t appreciate how much easier and more effective it makes bike repairs and maintenance.

DMR Vault pedals – £99.99 – £64.99

We may have featured these before in a recent Dirty Deals but we make no apologies for their reappearance. Such good pedals. Such a good deal. Not just on sale in the weird colourways either. Black and silver ones are discounted too.

Race Face Narrow Wide chainring – £46.99 – £34.99

Whilst most new bikes are coming with cinch style cranks, most of us are still using 4-arm BCD-style chainrings. And Race Face make some of the best out there. Form and function in lovely harmony. Lots of teeth options, lots of colours.

Five Ten Freerider Canvas shoes – £85.00 – £75.99

11% discount is not an amount we normally see in Dirty Deals but for Five Tens we can make an exception. It’s rare to find Five Tens for sale at anything less than SRP so 11% knocked off is something to pounce on.

Topeak Alien 2 multi tool – £39.99 – £25.99

For the completist – or paranoid pessimist! The Alien is repsected as the mother of all multi tools. Seriously, if you can’t repair your bike with this tool then you really have knackered something good and proper.

Topeak Smart Digital Gauge D2 – £29.99 – £20.99

A trail tyres get fatter and their carcasses get thicker (in places), the age-old thumb-test no longer works very well. And track pumps’ pressure gauge displays are notoriously inaccurate for mountain bike pressures (ie. low PSI). More and more folk are getting digital pressure gauges. Here’s a great one from Topeak.

Hope Stainless bottom bracket – £85.00 – £65.00

If you’ve tried all the rest, it’s time to try the best. Barnoldwick bottom bracket brilliance. Is that enough Bs for you? Bo!

Garmin Edge 510 GPS – £299.99 – £225.00

This week’s Garmin deal. Makes a change from the usual RockShox Reverbs that we show in eh?

Tortec Scala carbon bottle cage – £29.99 – £19.90

Time was when bottle cages were about as relevant to mountain biking as bar ends but nowadays we’re living in an enduro dreamscape aren’t we, where no one rides with a backpack anymore yeah? Well, that’s not strictly true but here’s a gram-shaving bottle cage for those whom it may concern.

Specialized Phenom Comp Gel saddle – £99.99 – £67.99

If you suffer from sore pressure points down-below then have a look at how Specialized do saddles; cutaway section, two width options, hollow rails, intelligently placed padding…

Endura Singletrack jacket – £114.99 – £59.45

Katy Winton-approved jacket from the Scottishmasters of mucky riding gear, Endura. 2.5 later fabric with just enough features to be versatile without being overladen with gimmicks and bulk. Half-price in the sale so bound to sell out fast.

Specialized Keg storage bottle – £11.99 – £5.99

Storage solution for your spares. Bung it all in this keg and then stick this in a bottle cage. Not a solution that everyone would go for but some people swear by these things. Worth contemplating.