Softgoods special.

A stonkingly huge collection of jaw-dropping better-than-half-price deals on top quality mountain biking clothing, shoes and protection.

Spiuk Compass shoes – £100.00 – £44.99

Laces and a top strap. Vubram sole. Interior membrane to help wad off soggy tootsies. A good shoe for a spot of the ol’ hike-a-bike epic riding.

Currently on sale for £44.99!

POC Do Blade glasses – £180.00 – £74.98

Available in a few more colourways than just this tastefully understated ‘granate’. A full-on enduro-tastic set of sunnies that perform just as highly as they’re styled.

Currently on sale at £74.98!

100% Rally beanie – £19.99 – £2.99

You can never have too many beanies. Available in this bold red, white and blue colourway or in a slightly more muted grey, yellow and black colourway.

Currently on sale for £2.99!

Louis Garneau J-Bar 3/4 jersey – £49.99 – £24.99

If you don’t own a 3/4 length sleeve jersey then now is the time to try one and see why some folk love them. Cooler and freer than a full-sleeve. Not as vulnerable as a short sleeve. Bob-on for Britain.

Currently on sale for £24.99!

Madison Addict 3/3 bib shorts – £64.99 – £29.99

Whilst we’re extolling hte virtues of 3/4 jerseys, here’s some 3/4 length bibshorts. Another bit of apparel that you’ll wonder how you survived before you bought them.

Currently on sale at £29.99!

Cube Action Team knee pads – £79.99 – £34.99

Knee pads are hard to find in the sales. Especially decent ones. And especially decent pads that have also got a decent amount knocked off their SRP. Here you go then. You’re welcome!

Currently on sale for £34.99!

Shimano M089 shoes – £94.99 – £39.95

If you’re not averse to pedalling around with orange coloured feet then these are a total bargain. Shimano shoes are an especially good choice for riders who find other shoes a bit too pinchy in the toe box area.

Currently on sale for £39.95!

Altura Mayhem Windproof gloves – £34.99 – £14.99

Windproof gloves are a great compromise of weather protection and riding feel. None of the bulky boxing glove vibe of waterproof gloves but still significantly warmer than basic long fingers gloves.

Currently on sale for £14.99!

Louis Garneau Edge helmet – £74.99 – £37.49

For those of us who aren’t interested in the new enduro-styled helmets with their lack of vents and OTT deep-head protection, here’s a nice all-rounder XC/trail lid in a fresh colourway.

Currently on sale for £37.49!

Dare2b Core Stretch Neck Gaiter II – £15.00 – £2.99

A Buff by any other name would smell so sweet. Or something. A neck gaiter can be your best friend in the world on some autumn and winter rides. Get one to stuff in your backpack. Essential.

Currently on sale for £2.99!

FWE Kennington Windproof gloves – £25.00 – £12.49

Another set of windproof gloves in the sales. A more sedate colourway than the black and red Altura ones above. These also pack in a generous nosewipe panel and a spot of reflectivity.

Currently on sale for £12.49!

Altura Attack One80 shorts – £69.99 -£34.99

Stretchy, showerproof and breathable shorts from Altura. The deceptively sleek styling hides an impressive amount of detailing and features such as the adjustable waist and the hidden-zips.

Currently on sale for £34.99!

Louis Garneau Leeway shorts – £54.99 – £27.49

A rather elegant pait of shorts that would no doubt also double up as some handy off-the-bike shorts to wear when you’re off on your hols or enjoying a bit of sunshine in the garden.

Currently on sale for £27.49!

Specialized Cadet shoes – £64.99 – £28.99

Not a high end performance shoes by any means – it doesn’t pretend to be either – the Cadets are nominally a touring shoe but they’ll also do great service as a commuting shoe or as a holiday trailer-biking shoe.

Currently on sale for £28.99!

Altura Peloton Progel windproof gloves – £34.99 – £14.99

Although more aimed at the dropbar and tarmac roadie scene, these deep-cuff windproof gloves will suit plenty of mountain bikers who need a well-made, sleek yet protective set of glvoes to keep the chills at bay whilst retaining good feel and control.

Currently on sale for £14.99!

Endura Hummvee Lite 3/4 baggy shorts – £59.99 – £28.97

More three-quarter length goodness targeted and tailored for the UK MTB massive. And yes, the price still includes the Clickfast internal liner short as well!

Currently on sale for £28.97!

Kali Astra back protector – £124.99 – £39.99

Back protectors are usually beyond mbr’s usual remit of trail- and enduro-riding riders but with the increase of uplift days, Alpine holidays and enduro racing, there’s more and more of an interest in getting yourself protected properly back there.

Currently on sale for £39.99!

Bontrager Quantum helmet – £49.99 – £24.99

Normally helmets at this SRP are one-size fits all fudges. Not this time. This lid comes in three sizes. Also sports an impressive amount of ventilation and a contemporary amount of protection extending down the back of the head.

Currently on sale for £24.99!

MET Parabellum helmet – £139.99 – £55.99

Don’t mind sticking your head in a bit of pink? Here’s a most excellent helmet for you then. The chosen lid of Hannah Barnes no less. Well, not this exact helmet (that would be a bit weird) but this is the model of helmet she races in.

Currently on sale for £55.99!

Madison Zenith jersey – £26.99 – £6.75

A jersey for less than seven quid! Although this looks black on most screens, it is actually very, very dark brown. Also available in a green colourway too.

Currently on sale for £6.75!

Pearl Izumi Pro Softshell 180 jacket – £139.99 – £69.86

It’s August. Normally it’d be hard to contemplate what it’s like to mountain bike in winter. But ‘thankfully’ the British summer has been rather wet (and occasionally startlingly cold) so it’s all too easy to remember what winter riding is like. This top-quality cold weather garment from Pearl Izumi is a corker.

Currently on sale for £69.86!

Specialized Rbx Elite High Vis Waterproof – £84.99 – £38.99

Technically a road garment but for the more sleight of build – or those who like to wear close fitting apparel whilst mountain biking – this is a great jacket and a knockdown price.

Currently on sale for £38.99!

Ale winter glove – £43.99 – £21.99

No mucking about here, this is a full-on mid-winter glove. For those big mountain assaults where you need something to keep the feeling in your fingers for the start of the descent – or the last haul over the summit/saddle point.

Currently on sale for £21.99!

Specialized Lodown gloves – £19.99 – £9.99

Enough with the autumn/winter gloves already! What about some cheap glove for riding right now? Here you go. The Lowdown gloves feature Specialized’s cunning pre-shaping to prevent bunching or restrictiveness.

Currently on sale for £9.99!

Ale Carbon base layer – £71.99 – £35.99

If you can’t afford a carbon bike – or even a carbon handlebar – then console yourself with a cut-price carbon base layer! To be honest, there’s no carbon fibre involved in this base layer. But at least you can tell your mates you own something ‘carbon’ hey?

Currently on sale for £35.99!

Troy Lee Designs Ace shorts with Air bib liner – £159.99 – £57.99

Two shorts in one from the house of Troy Lee. Typically no-compromise design and construction. The semi-fitted design will perform discreetly on the bike and will suit high performance riders and enduro racers.

Currently on sale for £57.99!

Bellwether Sol-Air sleeveless jersey – £64.95 – £28.99

Currently on sale for £28.99!

More than just a base layer. More adaptable than a gilet. This sleeveless jersey has three pockets on the back and as such can act as under-layer storage solution for all you enduro bods out there who are looking to ditch your backpacks but still want somewhere to stash a few essential items.