Some very hardware indeed.

We’ve got no clothes on for this week’s edition of Dirty Deals. Never fear, we aren’t naked. We’ve just decided to focus of hardware.


Pro Koryak dropper – £199.99 – £149.99

One of the more affordable dropper posts just got even more affordable. 120mm of drop, internally routed, cable actuated, from the house of Shimano so you can rest assured it’s well made.

Currently available for only £149.99!

LifeLine AirBlast tubeless track pump – £69.99 – £52.49

Another item that’s affordable at full SRP and is now an absolute steal in the sales. This is one of those track pumps that also has a big blasting mode for the installation and seating of tubeless tyres. Makes life so much easier. Means you don’t shy away from swapping to suitable tyres as the weather dictates.

Currently available for only £52.49!

Pedros Starter tool kit – £159.99 – £116.87

While £100+ doesn’t initially seam that much of a Dirty Deal, just check out the list of tools and – more importantly – check out the reputation of Pedro’s. 19 top quality tools provided and all housed in a protective, portable and stowable tool wrap. There are also empty pocket and sleeves in there too for you to add tools to as you go.

Currently available for only £116.87!

Park Tool MT-30 multi-tool – £34.99 – £21.98

Something a bit different on the multi-tool front from the guys over at Park Tool; a rather esoteric collection of tools – including a T30 torx and 8mm and 15mm spanners – and equipped with a keyring attachment too. An obscure but lovingly made and delightfully curvy tool that someone will really fall for.

Currently available for only £21.98!

X-Tools Pro Internal lock ring pliers – £9.99 – £6.49

If you ever need to give your suspension forks a decent once-over service and relube, you’ll almost certainly need a pair of circlip pliers or you won’t get anywhere.

Currently available for only £6.49!

Birzman E-Version 15 Mini multi-tool – £20.99 – £16.48

Much less esoteric than the curvy Park Tools multi-tool above and all the better for it. This is a modern classic multi-tool. Elegant but effective. Nothing OTT. Nothing missed out. Pretty much perfect really.

Currently available for only £16.48!

Shimano Crank Installation tool – £2.99 – £1.50

This might well be the cheapest item we’ve ever put into Dirty Deals. And, to be frank, it’s not actually very shiny is it? Sorry. But if you have Shimano Hollowtech cranks then you should own one of these plasticky discy things. Heck, for a quid fifty, buy two of them in case your mate/dog/toddler nabs off with one!

Currently available for only £1.50!

Park Tool Brake Piston Press – £24.99 – £17.25

It may look like a builder’s trowel for a doll house but this is a most excellently specific tool for pushing your brake pistons back into place before you install new pads or carry out a proper bleed and service. It’s a bit over the top maybe, but there’s no denying the joy that comes from having the right tool for the job. Won’t damage pistons. Also, won’t damage or contaminate closed-up pads either.

Currently available for only £17.25!

Crank Brothers Y-16 multi-tool – £39.99 – £28.99

A fantastically (over) elaborate multi-tool design typical of Lezyne. It’s hard to make out what this actually is at first glance – which is surely one of its principal attractions. There are 2-8mm Allen keys, phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, T-10 and T-25 torx, chain tool and a CO2 inflator head.

Currently available for only £28.99!

RaceFace Aeffect pedals – £99.95 – £71.95

A thin but concave pedal design that has legions of fans. Not only for its feel and function but also for its ‘hidden’ greaseport that means you can get quickly and easily squeeze some lube in there to extend its lifespan and keep things spinning smoothly.

Currently available for only £71.95!

Park Tool Master Link pliers – £14.99 – £11.28

Chain powerlinks get seized up. They can get so seized up in fact that they become inoperable and become entirely pointless. With these pliers you can squeeze open even the most stubborn powerlinks and get things moving again.

Currently available for only £11.28!

Easton Haven dropper post – £349.99 – £122.49

How there are any of these excellent posts still available at this bonkers 65% discount we don’t know. Presumably the ubiquity of the Reverb and the recent availability of budget posts like the Brand-X one are major factors. If you’re interested in a Reverb, or interested in hefty bargain basement jobbers, then check out this Easton dropper. Quick.

Currently available for only £122.49!

Spank Spike 800 Race handlebars – £54.99 – £30.24

Spank wereone of the orignators of the super wide bar movement and their Spike range of bars are modern classics. The 800mm wide Race version is one of the latest versions of the Spike. Available in plenty of colourways and in rises from a mere 5mm all the way up to a whopping 50mm.

Currently available for only £30.24!

RockShox Reverb Stealth dropper – £436.00 – £249.00

We’re almost legally obliged to include a RockShox Reverb in every edition of Dirty Deals. Well, not really but you get the idea. The undisputed market leader in dropper posts. Someone you know wants one. You probably want (another) one. Here’s this week’s Reverb deal of choice.

Currently available for only £249.00!

Look Quartz Carbon pedals – £124.99 – £54.95

For weight weenies who find themselves playing in mud, these are the clipless pedals for you. 115g per pedal and sporting the most ridonculously open cage design we’ve ever seen. They also have plenty of float so they’re a good choice if your knees complain when using other brands of clipless pedal.

Currently available for only £54.95!

Shimano SLX 11 speed drivetrain – £349.99 – £259.99

Currently available for only £259.99!

In the real world that all too often us magazines and news site forget about, there aren’t that many folk buying top-end drivetrains. Whilst we’re always banging on about Eagle this and 12 speed that, most riders are just wanting an affordable wide-range single-ring transmission that works and doesn’t cost and ludicrous amount of hard-earned. SLX then innit.