The 50th edition of Dirty Deals!

The 50th edition of Dirty Deals is not a special edition – this is because Dirty Deals is already special enough! Maybe next time we’ll go for a theme.

In the mean time, let’s just get to the deals!

Camelbak Lobo – £84.99 – £47.49

Amidst a bewildering sea of Camelbaks featuirng more and more new models every year it’s nice to see the good ol’ Lobo still there. A perfect pack for regular rides. Not too big. Not too small. Just right. Good ol’ Lobo.

Currently available for only £47.49!

Garmin Edge 820 – £370.00 – £298.00

There’s fully featured and then there’s the Garmin 820. Oof! It’s got the lot. Big screen, high res, full colour, weatherproofing, touch screen, incident detection, Strava segments, 15-24 hour battery life… and more.

Currently available for only £298.00!

Giro Cipher MIPS full face – £209.99 – £125.00

Going on a biking holiday somewhere gnarly and uplifty? Entered an enduro that requires a full face helmet? Fancy booking yourself in for a gravity day at a bikepark this summer? Here’s a great option.

Currently available for only £125.00!

Castelli Gabba 3 – £150.00 – £100.00

The roadie’s secret. Don’t let the road cyclists have the Gabba to themselves, it’s too good – and too versatile – to just have it languishing on the trail? A weatherproof short sleeve jersey under a lightweight riding jacket is a brilliant combo for so much of the British year. You’ll always find a reason to bung on the Gabba.

Currently available for only £100.00!

The North Face Base Camp duffel – £115.00 – £76.99

A highly regarded kit bag. Bombproof, bikeproof and adaptable into a backpack for when you need both your hands in the airport or wherever. You’ll get so much use out of a TNF duffel that you’ll wonder what you used to do before you had one.

Currently available for only £76.99!

DMR Vault – £99.99 – £78.50

An utter classic pedal for the house of utter classic pedals – DMR. At just shy of eighty quid it’s still not exactly cheap but considering the SRP on these peggles is a hundred quid, it’s still a worthwhile Dirty Deal. Experience the Vault feel and you’ll not regret splashing the cash this time.

Currently available for only £78.50!

DMR V12 – £49.99 – £37.49

Er, haven’t we just been banging on about the DMR Vault pedals above? Well yes, but the V12 is still a great option for those with smaller feet and/or those folk who need more ground clearance on their bike and chosen terrain. And at a smidge over thirty five quid the saving of pennies is not inconsiderable either.

Currently available for only £37.49!

Oakley Radar EV XS Prizm Trail – £120.00 – £85.99

Before yo get too carried away, the “XS” suffix here means extra small. So these are Oakleys designed for younger riders or any riders with smaller faces. If that sounds like you, wahey! Bargain bins.

Currently available for only £85.99!

Shimano SLX M7000 disc brake – £94.99 – £59.99

There is almost zero point in buying anything above SLX level disc brakes. Sure, if you want to save a handful of grams then go all out for the XTR top end stoppers but for everything and everyone else, save your pennies (quids!) and slap some SLX on yer bike. Power, adjustability, feel, reliability. Better bet than XT some say.

Currently available for only £59.99!

RockShox Reverb dropper – £269.99 – £189.99

In the real world of normal mountain bikers it’s not about Stealth droppers. A lot of riders can only fit externally routed droppers to their bikes. And some riders only want to run externally routed droppers; easier to swap between bikes, easier to bleed, quieter over rattly ground.

Currently available for only £189.99!

Camelbak Solstice Low Rider – £109.99 – £65.99

The Solstice is a relatively new model in Camelbak’s range but it’s already a firm favourite amongst riders who appreciate keeping the weight low slung for C-of-G as well as manoeuvrability reasons. Truth be told, it’s launch price SRP of over a hundred quid was a bit much really. Now you can get them for under seventy quid it’s much more reasonable.

Currently available for only £65.99!

Shimano XT HG95 10 speed chain – £29.99 – £15.99

Need a new chain? Running 10 speed drivetrain? No-one makes chains as strong as Shimano.

Currently available for only £15.99!

Answer Pro Taper SL 780 Carbon bar – £129.49 – £39.99

A 780mm wide carbon handlebar from Answer for under forty quid? What’s the catch? Well, the colour basically. Wet Red is not a colour that is going to suit some riders’ bikes. But if it’ll suit yours – or you just don’t give a flying one – then grab this bargain bar now.

Currently available for only £39.99!

Troy Lee Designs KGL 5450 pads – £69.99 – £49.99

Deeper coverage than most knee-only pads, the catchily named 5450 knee-shin guards from Troy Lee Design are a great option for folk who are always suffering from shin scrapes and cuts that their current knee pads (or socks) don’t protect from.

Currently available for only £49.99!

IXS Kronos EVO helmet – £69.99 – £44.99

Currently available for only £44.99!

A nice mix of deep head coverage and generous venting. The sub-300g weight is nice too. The black colourway has sold out we think (sorry!) but there’s still white, green, blue and purple options listed.