Bike bargain buying time.

It’s Monday again. Boo! Which means it’s time for another edition of Dirty Deals. Yay!

The calendar has firmed clicked over to June and mountain bikers are playing some bigger daytrip adventures. Here’s some bargains to help you out…

Specialized 2fo Cliplite women’s shoe – £139.99 – £59.99

These shoes are uncompromising enduro race shoes. They’re the lighter weight versions of the popular Spesh Clip shoes. Double Boa plus Velcro strap closure for accurate cinching.

Currently available for only £59.99!

Specialized Ambush helmet – £99.99 – £49.99

Despite what the colourway might imply, this isn’t a women’s helmet. It’s a men’s/unisex trail lid in a rather fetching turquoise/green design. Half-price at the mo which makes it even more attractive.

Currently available for only £49.99!

Sombrio Prodigy gloves – £25.99 – £15.60

Sombio gloves are made from sterner stuff than most. Kevlar thread, capped fingers for enhanced tip durability (this is always where gloves fall apart isn’t it?), silicone braking prints and an overall stylish design.

Currently available for only £15.60!

Sombrio Lowline shorts – £59.99 – £35.99

It’s ended up being something of a clothing fest this week’s Dirty Deals hasn’t it? We guess that’s just the way it is sometimes hey. Here’s more well thought out and well constructed stuff from Sombrio.

Currently available for only £35.99!

Oakley Drop Point glasses – £100.00 – £75.00

Sure you *could* ride in these but let’s be honest, these are best kept for off-bike wear. Ideal holiday shades or as a nice set of darkers to keep in the car for when the sun pops out on the way to the trailhead.

Currently available for only £75.00!

FSA SL-K Carbon BB30 chainset – £499.99 – £124.99

Be warned: these cranks use the oddball 86mm three-bolt BCD design. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get them (they wouldn’t be in Dirty Deals if we thought that) but it is something to be aware of if you’re expecting to be fitting existing chainrings that you have already. If you’re okay with 83mm BCD – these are a steal for super light carbon cranks!

Currently available for only £124.99!

Sixpack Racing Driver 805mm handlebar – £51.99 – £19.99

Availablke in blue, red, white and green. Ideal bar if you want to try out a super wide, super low front end – maybe for a long travel 29er perhaps?

Currently available for only £19.99!

Easton Havoc 750mm handlebar – £64.99 – £22.99

Or, if you’re not after a wide and wacky bar like the Sixpack one above, here’s a very normal handlebar. It may only be 750mm wide but you can always add a few mm to that width by being cunning with your lock-on grips.

Currently available for only £22.99!

Maxxis Ikon EXO 3C TR 27.5 x 2.8in Plus tyre – £119.99 – £49.99

Blimey, Plus tyres are expensive aren’t they? It must be a shock to the newbie owner of a Plus bike when they first go browsing for rubber! These Maxxis Ikons offer a fast rolling design that works well in the oversized Plus format.

Currently available for only £49.99!

X-Tools 16 in 1 folding tool – £17.99 – £9.99

We like multi tools that come with a neoprene sleeve. Keeps them from rattling to bits and also prevents other stuff in your pack/pocket getting all scrat up. Tools included: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm Allen keys, crosshead screwdriver, T25 torx, T30 torx, chain tool, chain pin holder, 4 x spoke keys.

Currently available for only £9.99!

Lake MX160 shoes – £100.00 – £44.95

Yer veritable classic SPD shoes. Black. Three Velcro straps. Gnarly sole. Leather uppers. Stiff but not stupidly so. Built to last. Aimed at performance over longer rides and races.

Currently available for only £44.95!

Oakley Bathroom Sink backpack – £129.99 – £74.99

Currently available for only £74.99!

No, they haven’t called it the wrong name. It’s deliberately NOT the Kitchen Sink. This Bathroom Sink backpack is the scaled down version of the mahoosive Oakley Kitchen Sink pack. All kinds of pockets and compartments. Includes a neat side-access padded sleeve area for laptop/tablet – ideal for commuters.