Chase away those post-Bank Holiday blues.

You thought we’d forgotten didn’t you? Bank Holiday Monday just delayed things. Here is this week’s rundown of the bestest sought after cycling sales.

Mavic Crossmax SL Pro LTD WTS 27.5 wheels – £764.99 – £339.99

Some very nippy wheels from the Yellow gang. And yep, you even get those top-end hard-to-find Mavic tyres included.

Currently available for only £339.99!

Easton Lock-on grips – £24.99 – £9.99

These are carbon-bar friendly locking grips from Easton. No sharp edged aluminium collars here. Available in 30mm-diameter ‘standard/thin’ or 33mm diameter ‘thick’ sizes. Loads of colours available too.

Currently available for only £9.99!

X-Tools Pro Digital hanging scale – £32.99 – £22.99

Warning: do not buy if you already think you know what your bike weighs. These scales will reveal The Truth. Also, don’t buy these if you don’t want to become a weight weenie. Also also, don’t buy these if you don’t want to end up roaming around your property weighing anything and everything that isn’t nailed down.

Currently available for only £22.99!

Race Face Nano packable jacket – £89.95 – £62.96

Pull-over smock jacket should be more popular than they are; there are so much more comfortable and breathable than full-zip (with all the attendant seam taping that brings with it). NB: only the black colourway version of this jacket is in the sale. But that’s the one you want anyway innit?

Currently available for only £62.96!

Shimano SLX MTB 26″ wheelset – £189.99 – £125.00

Despite what we always go on about, the majority riders out there on the trails are still rocking 26in wheels on their bikes. If you’re happy with your bike but you could do with some new hoops for it – check these out.

Currently available for only £125.00!


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Save £40 when you spend £200 on cycle clothing, cycle footwear, cycle protection, triathlon and swim clothing

Troy Lee Designs Ace gloves – £29.99 – £14.99

Summer is nealry upon us. And even if it’s still a bit rainy every now and then (ie. all the time) the temperature is still high, so equip yourself with some well-made lighter weight gloves from the house of TLD.

Currently available for only £14.99!

BBB BTL-27L BracketGrip external BB tool – £18.95 – £13.30

The price of ‘progress’ in the MTB world is that everyone needs to own a bottom bracket too these days. The most excellent thing about this one from BBB is the integrated preload tool ie. that black thing that nips up the tension on Shimano chainsets. Genius!

Currently available for only £13.30!

Hope F20 pedals – £119.99 – £84.79

Slap a bit of British bling on your bike! There’s no denying the quality of these flatties from Hope. At full SRP they are rather expensive. Even in this sale they’re not exactly ‘cheap’ but if you’ve been eyeing up a set of these for a while now – now’s your time to pounce.

Currently available for only £84.79!

Ultimate Hardware folding workstand – £99.99 – £39.99

What’s better than a decent quality workstand? A decent quality workstand that’s in the sales! And what’s better than a decent quality workstand that’s in the sales? A decent quality workstand that’s in the sales that is also orange! Amazing. Seriously though, this is a great choice. Best bit? The magnetic tool tray that’s included in the price.

Currently available for only £39.99!

Huge 80% discounts on Scott women’s mountain bike clothing

Rutland Cycling are flogging off oodles of decent garb from Scott for female mountain bikers. Scott isn’t a massive name in bike clothing to most UK buyers but it probably should. They make really, really good stuff. A lot of folk don’t seem to want to buy it because it’s ostensibly from a bike brand and they don’t own a Scott bike themselves. Don’t think like that. Scott clothing is well worth browsing through.

Currently available with massive discounts of up to 80% off!

Specialized Deflect Comp Wind jacket – £49.99 – £19.99

Yep sorry, another flipping jacket. We guess it’s just that time of year. This jacket is very much a spring-summer affair though. Not something you want to head up Mount Everest in but ideal for stowing in your bag and chucking on when the drizzle hits or the wind picks up.

Currently available for only £19.99!

Blackburn Air Tower 2 Anyvalve Head track pump – £34.99 – £18.95

Steel barrel, Steel base. Max psi of 140. Lifetime warranty. Use it on any valve straight away with no need to change any bits on the head; it’s automatically fits what it gets attached on to.

Currently available for only £18.95!

RockShox Pike 160mm Dual Position 27.5″ fork – £1,026.00 – £399.00

Flippin’ ‘eck, that’s quite some saving! Dual Position means that, although you can’t use Bottomless Token in this fork, you can quickly switch between 130mm setting and 160mm travel setting.

Currently available for only £399.00!

Spiuk Arqus Photochromic glasses – £160.00 – £55.00

Currently available for only £55.00!

‘Photochromic’ simply means that the lenses of these glasses change tint as the light levels dictate. When’s dim, they’re clearer. When it’s bright, they’re darker. Very handy.

That’s all from Dirty Deals this week. See you next time!