Celebrate the arrival of bluebell season with a bargain or two.

A classic dirty dozen of Dirty Deals for your delectation and delight on this fine, fine Monday in May. Or, Tuesday if you’re looking at this the day after.

Lizard Skins Monitor 2.0 gloves – £34.99 – £9.99

Good grips for under a tenner. Get in. Touchscreen compatible. Adjustable cuff. Targeted padded palm. Index finger grip.

Currently available for only £9.99!

Camelbak Ratchet hydration pack – £74.99 – £38.82

To be frank, we’d never heard of the Ratchet model before (Camelbak’s range is bonkersly massive innit) but if you’re on the lookout for a minimalist storage pack that still holds a full 3 litre bladder – here y’are.

Currently available for only £38.82!

Oakley EVZero Stride Prizm Trail – £140.00 – £94.62

Every time we encounter a set of proper riding Oakley glasses for less than £100 we stick them in Dirty Deals. These are an excellent deal; the Prizm lens is Oakley’s latest tech is works well in woodland and on open terrain too.

Currently available for only £94.62!

X-Tools Pro Master Link pliers – £7.99 – £4.99

A tool for undoing your chain’s powerlink. It’s amazing how your life changes once you get a set of these. You start to remove your chain and clean the drivetrain properly for once, resulting in better shifting and longer-lasting components.

Currently available for only £4.99!

Shimano XT M8000 groupset – £799.99 – £449.95

Or, if your whole drivetrain is already knacked and dating to the 10 speed (or earlier) era then you may as well think about a wholesale upgrade. 11 speed XT is the one to go for.

Currently available for only £449.95!

Endura Hummvee Lite gloves – £19.99 – £9.99

Lighter weight hand wrappings from Endura can be yours for less than ten squid. Only one colourway so you’re out of luck if you’re allergic to yellow and black.

Currently available for only £9.99!

Fox 34 Float CTD QR15 150mm 26″ – £869.99 – £434.99

Never let be said that we don’t look after our #26aintdead following. Here’s a top quality 6″ travel fork for half price! There won’t be many of them so pounce promptly to avoid sadface.

Currently available for only £434.99!

FSA SLK M-Exo 386 XX1 cranks – £299.99 – £164.99

“The crank arms are unidirectional carbon fibre with an alloy spine inside to boost strength with a minimal weight penalty. It also features a forged 7075 Mega Exo spindle and is designed to work with FSA 386 chainrings that have 3 bolts on the spider.”

Currently available for only £164.99!

Brand-X Shimano XTR-XT disc pads – £4.49

Not a glam product is it? But hey ho, not everything in the world needs to be bling or carbon this or carbon that. Everyone needs brakes pads. Buy a few sets and keep some in your backpack for emergencies.

Currently available for only £4.49!

Easton Havoc 35 Carbon DH bar – £129.99 – £66.49

“Stop worrying about the flex and you get more comfort and less hand fatigue, with extra width, reduced weight and increased strength. So this bar and stem system is probably stronger, definitely lighter but not necessarily stiffer than what we’ve already got. Good thing too.” – MBR review.

Currently available for only £66.49!

Avid DB1 disc brake – £45.00 – £20.99


Sometimes you just need a new disc brake. You don’t want to splash the cash. You’re not bothered about features of adjustability or light weight. You want a decent brake from one of the main brands. There’s nowt fancy about these DB1 brakes. Just solid stoppers.

Currently available for only £20.99!

Blackspire Einfachx Direct-Mount china guide – £39.99 – £21.99

Currently available for only £21.99!

In this day and age of single ring drivetrain dominance and narrow-wide chainrings, a full on top-and-bottom chain device is rather OTT. But some riders so still want the reassurance and reliability of a top-mounted retention device. In blue or red.