The Dirt Hero off-road balance bike is a scaled down enduro machine, designed specifically for MTB kids who want to get off the driveway and onto the dirt.

Training wheels…

If you’re a committed mountain biker then it almost goes without saying that you’ll be keen for your kids to get out and join you in the dirt. If you can pass on just a tiny bit of your off road passion and inspire them to jump aboard two wheels then you may well get a new riding buddy for the years ahead.

Back in the August issue of MBR, we covered all the basics needed to get your kids rolling… Fi Spotswood feature talked through how to nurture their skills, encourage progression, make the rides work, develop girls mountain biking and – above all – have fun.

When your son or daughter is ready for their first two-wheeler, and you’re looking for a balance bike that’s actually suitable for off-road use, finding one that’s actually appropriate and capable is now a whole lot easier.

Girl riding Kids Ride Shotgun Dirt Hero kids off-road balance bike

A premium quality balance bike designed to grow with kids from two year olds upwards

Kids Ride Shotgun, a brand that’s well known for its innovative child seats, released an all-new balance bike – the Dirt Hero – earlier this year. It’s designed to grow with your child, making it a sound investment and the brand confidently refers to the Dirt Hero as scaled down enduro machine designed for toddlers.

“We’ve noticed a growing number of balance bike families hitting the trails, but we know it can be hard for parents to find a runner (balance) bike that’s up to the task,” explains Kids Ride Shotgun co-founder Dan Necklen. “That’s why we set out to create a bike that would open up riding off-road for balance bike kids, enabling them to experience the stoke of mountain biking from an earlier age.”

Need to know

  • Designed for kids aged 2 – 5 years
  • 12 – 14” convertible (additional wheel kits sold separately)
  • 2.25” Vee Tire Crown Gem pneumatic tyres
  • Magura hydraulic rear disc brake with child safe rotor guard
  • Trail ready mtb geometry & build quality
  • 3 x mtb skins included

The recommended age range is two to five year olds, and the needs of young riders has been thoroughly considered, as well as a whole load of features that would be at home on a grown-ups bike.

Boy standing next to Kids Ride Shotgun Dirt Hero kids off-road balance bike

The Dirt Hero is lightweight, fits correctly and is designed to handle off road terrain

This includes off road focused geometry, a sealed headset, thru axles and a removable footpad. The Dirt Hero balance bike is available with either 12″ or 14″ wheels.

Replaceable drop-outs mean that the bike can be adapted to suit a growing child, extending the reach and allowing the bike to take 14″ wheel size. It can even be set up with mixed wheel (mullet) sizes… with a 14″ at the front, 12″ at the back.

12 inch wheels:

Age 2 – 3 years, min saddle height 317mm, min suggested inseam 337mm

14 inch wheels:

Age 3 – 5 years, min saddle height 346mm, min suggested inseam 367mm

Kids Ride Shotgun Dirt Hero kids off-road balance bike reach wheel

Plump, chunky Vee Tire tyres are standard but the Magura disc brake is an option

Magura brake option:

Yes, you read that correctly… you can tick the Magura MT4 brake upgrade box when ordering and benefit from a light-action, hydraulic rear disc brake.

“We chose Magura for the Dirt Hero because of the power, reliability, and most importantly, class-leading lever reach adjustment,” explains Stu Munro, product manager. “The MT4, paired with the HC1 lever, is perfect for little hands. Also, the 12″ – 14” convertibility helps kids avoid the big leap from 12” to 16” pedal bike, creating a smoother transition, and giving them more time on a bike they’re comfortable with so that they love riding.”

Kids Ride Shotgun says the Dirt Hero balance weighs in at 4kg for the 12in version, which comes without brakes. The 14in wheelset is available as an optional extra. It also comes with three customisable top-tube skins so kids can decide on their favourite look.

Models and prices

Dirt Hero, 12 inch wheel: £290

Dirt Hero, 12 inch wheel, Magura brake: £360

Dirt Hero, 14 inch wheel: £296

Dirt Hero, 14 inch wheel, Magura brake: £379