Forest camo pattern for your flat pedals? Deity delivers, with its Recon range.

The concept of ‘Canadian camo’ isn’t unusual in mountain biking. It relates to flannel outdoor and riding gear, perfect for those late afternoon autumn rides that inevitably loop around the pub or microbrewery.

But what if you want some real camouflage patterning to work with your latest build project? Deity components can help, with its new Recon limited-edition pedal.

Using the Deftrap pedal as its product specification foundation, the Recon is Deity’s first global limited-edition product. The tagline is ‘cloaked in camo’ and Deity promises that the camouflage patterning on these new pedals ensure that no two pairs are alike.

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Not metal – but tought and light

The core pedal specification sees a 113- by 103mm pedal body and true concave profile, with 1.5m of thickness difference between the middle and edges. At its thickest point, the Recons are 18mm.

Although some flat pedal traditionalists might remain unconvinced by non-alloy pedals, the nylon glass fibre composite body promises to be both thought and light. By the number, the nylon glass fibre composite used by Deity on the Recons is 28% stronger than conventional nylon composite.

Deity claims a weight rating of only 391g for its limited-edition Recon pedals.

Recon your local trails with a camo pedal theme

With its symmetrical design, the Recons offer excellent weight distribution and control for those riders who genuinely steer and unweight the bike, with their pedals.

Deity’s Recons spin on dual sealed bearings, supported by an oversized DU bushing. These pedals are also fully rebuildable and DIY serviceable.

Traction is provided by a ten-pin-per-side configuration, with two fixed nylon pins and eight replaceable steel pins.

If you own some camo riding baggies or a similarly patterned jersey, Deity’s latest pedal product will help complete that look, for you. Perhaps you just want a pair of pedals with a truly unique graphic design. Or pedals that look stealthy when you place that trail or enduro bike on the ground, for an Insta image.