Typically distracting riding from Danny

Typically distracting riding from Danny in a promo film for something called Eberspächer (which we think is domestic heating control app maybe?)

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Eberspächer press release

Nothing really seems to be impossible for Danny MacAskill. The 33-year-old has tricks in his portfolio that most bikers can only dream of. But now, could it be that Danny is even able to influence the weather? In his latest project “Eberspächer & Danny MacAskill – Control YOUR climate” the Scottish bike professional controls the weather as he pleases, thus creating completely new challenges to play out his tricks. All with a single click in the app, whose features become really handy in Danny’s everyday bike life: He creates tailwinds to facilitate a climb and “uses” some thunderclouds to clean his bike.

“Since I was a child I’ve been used to riding my bike in any weather – with the right equipment, there is no bad weather. With this video project I entered uncharted territory. With lots of special effects, I magically created ice, storms and snow as well as nice sunny weather. Controlling the elements was great and secretly I sometimes wish that I was able to really influence the weather out on the trails.” – Danny MacAskill.