Keep on truckin'

Not content with making us jealous with his riding skills, now Danny MacAskill’s got himself a sweet truck and a licence to drive it!

Video: Danny MacAskill riding in Morzine with Santa Cruz Syndicate

Eberspächer press release

Eberspaecher Brand Ambassador Danny MacAskill just recently qualified for his truck driver’s license. On the premiere tour with his campervan – also known as “The Truck” – he together with his friends and world-class trials riders Duncan Shaw and Ali Clarkson went to Dusseldorf, Germany, for four Drop and Roll shows at the Caravan Salon: see what they have experienced in their newest video.

Since 2014, the Drop and Roll Tour has been cruising the world to the delight of fans. One journey they will remember will be the trip to Dusseldorf for the Caravan Salon this year. It was the maiden voyage of the latest team member: “The Truck” covered over 700 kilometres / 434 miles on the way from Glasgow to Dusseldorf, and a ferry crossing with Danny, Duncan and Ali on board. The newest member of the team is about 12 meters / 40 feet long and weighs 12 tons, has a 300 liter water tank and together with the drivers compartment houses a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen and a garage where the boys stow their bikes.

During the never-ending heat wave, which spanned the whole of Central Europe, the campervan, equipped with the newest climate control solutions provided by Eberspaecher, was fully able to demonstrate its core strengths on the way to Dusseldorf. “We call the beast ‘The Campervan´ a.k.a ´The Truck’. Over the past year we have worked very hard and it has always been a dream of mine to have a campervan that is big enough to travel with five people. Furthermore, it should be equipped so that you don´t have to depend on any camping sites,” explains Danny MacAskill. “Whether it’s hot or cold outside, we can not only control everything in here but are also provided with warm water thanks to the Hydronic S3 Economy. Having spent the past four years travelling to our shows without any air-conditioning, it’s a whole new feeling to be able to keep a cool head while being productive on the road.”

Additionally, the trials riders don´t have to worry about enough space either. “The best feature is that I don´t have a driver’s license for the campervan, which means I get to be driven to all shows,” jokes Ali Clarkson. “It’s seriously awesome to have so much space. The times we were in a small van, without climate control while editing films on the move are officially over. We have not thoroughly tested the kitchen yet, but I’m sure Danny will cook up a delicious three-course meal for us.”

As is required for any good road trip, the three bike-professionals put the stops on the way to good use and hopped on both the mountain and the trials bikes. “From Glasgow, we went to the trail center in Whinlatter in the northern English Lake District. That was really cool! We rarely come together to ride mountain bikes. At home, we’re more likely to ride trials together, ” Danny explains. Of course, there was also time for some trials riding in the days that followed. Both the British port of Hull and Eindhoven in the Netherlands made perfect settings as their trials playground. “Hull is a very famous trials hotspot in England. We rode in some well-known places before we were ferried to Zeebrugge. From there we went to Eindhoven, a city we have not visited before and where there are so many great lines to ride” MacAskill says. A new video clip shows what the three experienced on their road trip.

This road trip to the four well-attended shows at the Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf was probably the most relaxed and comfortable Drop and Roll Tour journey to date. “Usually getting to such shows is always pretty stressful, but this time we had the opportunity to get to know new places and spend some time there. Everyone had a couple of bikes and we really enjoyed the time,” Duncan Shaw concludes.