Sheene 7 colours as Nukeproof gifts team manager a new Nukeproof Giga.

The CRC team has been a dominant force in EWS racing, with mountain biking legend, Nigel Page, as manager.

As enduro fans keenly anticipate the return of EWS racing, with an Italian double-header event weekend, CRC isn’t allowing its team riders to have all the nice things.

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Reviving the idea

Back in 2017 Nukeproof built Nigel a custom Nukeproof Mega, finished in a colourway that paid homage to British motorcycle racing legend, Barry Sheene.

Nukeproof’s product cycle overtook the gesture from Nigel’s custom Mega was soon superseded by the brand’s new carbon-fibre version. But the idea lingered and after winning a master’s round of the EWS series last year, Nigel proved that he certainly justified a trick factory bike.

The marketing staff at Nukeproof decided that Nigel deserved another custom Nukeproof and commissioned Jonny at Elite Refinish (in Belfast) to paint a special livery.

Making retro look good on a Giga

Jonny’s canvas was Nukeproof’s latest Giga carbon, rolling 29er wheels and featuring a balance of 170mm rear-suspension travel, balanced by a 180mm fork.

Steve Mooney is a graphic designer at Nukeproof, who was tasked with the responsibility of interpreting Barry Sheene’s 1978 Suzuki RG500, onto the Giga frame.

Mooney did a terrific job of placing blending colours to the exact tube sections and making it all cohesive, instead of awkward, which is often the case when motorsport liveries are transposed to mountain bike frames.

All geared – for the EWS

Nigel is understandably thrilled with his custom Giga. It has the iconic Sheen 7 on the head tube, and down tube shock mount braces.

Nukeproof even produced matching kit for Nigel to wear, adding a ‘7’ to its new Blackline race kit, launched earlier this year.

On his new Giga Sheene 7 rig, Nigel will be managing, riding and racing in style, for this season.