Bike parks, super enduro races and just plain sending it; new Nukeproof Giga aims to sate the appetite of the greediest gluttons. Nukeproof goes super-size!

The Nukeproof Giga adjustable pivot that lets you tune the progression rate, thus blurring the line between bike park shredder, enduro racer and downhill sled. But if the cry ‘one hundred and eighty!’ seems more appropriate for a game of darts than a pedal-able, agile, multi-tasking, single-crown machine, then Nukeproof is keen to stress that the Giga has been designed and engineered with maximum dynamic range. According to people behind it, this is no point and shoot plow.

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Nukeproof Giga need to know

  • Big travel ‘super-enduro’ bike capable of crushing the biggest bike park features and rowdiest terrain
  • 180mm travel matched with 27.5in wheels, or 170mm and 29in wheels (180mm fork travel)
  • All models get full carbon frame
  • Five frame sizes from S-XXL
  • Adjustable main pivot uses eccentric axle to give two progression rates
  • Coil-shock compatible
  • Bottle cage mount
  • Three bike range starts at £3,699.99 and goes up to £5,499.99 with a frame-only option at £2,599

Starting point for the project was, fittingly, the 190mm travel Dissent DH bike. Look at the side profile and the family resemblance is unmistakable; a single-pivot layout where the shock is driven by a swing-link via a horseshoe connected to the upper seatstays. In truth, the Giga owes more than just its suspension configuration to the Dissent; it owes its very being. In experimenting with a dropper post and single-crown fork on a Dissent frame for Sam Hill to race aboard, Nukeproof found that it was actually a surprisingly good climber and pedaller too. Thus the seed of a new model was born.

Half-pipe down tube accommodates a full-size bottle

Mirroring its sibling, the shock is slung low in the belly of the beast, but to improve practicality, the down tube of the full carbon frame has been scooped and scalloped to cradle a bottle and cage. The seat tube has also been pitched forward to help with seated climbing on steeper gradients. Nukeproof has designed the fit around its saddle offset concept, where the seat tube is positioned to place the nose of the saddle above the BB at an average seat height depending on frame size. Effectively, larger frames get the steepest seat angles as they see the greatest post extension.

Slick tube-in-tube internal cable routing

The coil-friendly suspension kinematics have been tuned for a supple initial response, plenty of support in the mid-stroke and a progressive end stroke that’s tuneable with either volume spacers or the adjustable pivot. This can be done with an 8mm hex key and it shifts the main pivot up or down on an eccentric axle, changing the progression rate from 25.5% to 29% – the latter being particularly well-suited to a coil shock. Equally, the anti-squat has been tuned to give a stable base for pedalling in the lower gears, but not at the expense of bump absorption. It’s a policy that has worked brilliantly on the trail bike, so we’re hopeful it will also prove fruitful on the Giga.

Nukeproof Giga

Flipping the lever changes the height of the main pivot and the leverage at the linkage.

There are no fewer than 40 options on the Giga menu. With five frame sizes, two wheel options, three models and a frame-only, Nukeproof has comprehensively covered all bases. Along with five frame sizes (from S-XXL) in two wheels sizes (both 27.5in and 29in), there are three full builds and a frame-only option. Reach extends from 435mm-520mm for the 27.5in bike and 430mm-515mm on the 29er. Head angle is claimed at 63.5º on both options, with effective seat angles between 77.75º and 78º. Both wheel sizes get 350mm BB heights, but the 29er has 5mm longer chainstays at 440mm. Nukeproof doesn’t employ any proportional sizing, so chainstay measurements remain fixed across the size range.

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29er geometry and sizing

Nukeproof Giga

27.5in geometry and sizingNukeproof Giga

It’s not just sizing, geometry and kinemetics that Nukeproof has thought long and hard about; it has also drilled down into the details. Like the new Mega, the seat tube is flared forward around the base to maximise dropper post insertion depth. Tube-in-tube internal cable routing should make stripping and rebuilding your Giga a lot less painful. The swingarm has clearance for 2.6in tyres, there’s a SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger, Enduro Max bearings for all pivots, a threaded bottom bracket, two-bolt accessory mount under the top tube, integrated mudguard and frame protection as well as a clear tape kit to keep the paint looking fresh.

Nukeproof Giga Comp, £3,699.99 / €4,699.99 / US$3,699.99

Nukeproof Giga

Nukeproof Giga Elite, £4,599.99 / €5,799.99 / US$5,499.99Nukeproof Giga

Nukeproof Giga Factory, £5,499.99 / €6,999.99 / US$5,499.99

Nukeproof Giga Factory

Owing to lockdown restrictions, and unexpected snowfall across most of the UK, we didn’t manage to get out on the Giga before this launch. But if it rides half as good as it looks then we’re in for a treat. We’ll be sure to bring you our first ride review very shortly.