Season two of On Track starts with disappointment for Keene

The first round of the Enduro World Series in Rotorua brought Curtis Keene down to earth with a bump. Literally.

After finishing third at round six of last year’s series in Whistler, the American Dream must have expected to come into this season charging and ready for some big results.

The opposite is true. Keene took a big spill on stage six of the event. He said it was the biggest crash in years and the resulting concussion forced him to retire immediately from the race.

The Red Bull series, On Track, follows Keene throughout his year in the EWS. It also gives great access to the whole of the Specialized racing team and shows what it’s like to travel the world racing enduro.

Keene has continued too struggle for the rest of the season and has in fact failed to break into the top 30 at any race so far. The next race will take him back to more familiar American conditions at Crested Butte in Colorado.

The next episode of On Track will cover round two of the EWS which took place in Ireland on 24 May. The crowds look as wild as the trails and it’s sure to be another cracker.