The EWS will roll into town in September

Sitting just below the Pyrenees National Park is the unassuming village of Ainsa. Without a doubt it’s a quaint and historic village but on the surface there’s not much that would make you realise just how special this place could become for mountain bikers.

A group of locals have been digging at this site for 11 years and have created Zona Zero, a network of trails that scatter the hills surrounding it.

The trails follow medieval village paths and there’s over 1000 kilometres worth to choose from. In this video, Curtis Keene and Derren Berrecloth go and check them out and conclude that Zona Zero should be on every rider’s radar

Thankfully, Chris Ball and the brains behind the Enduro World Series have not overlooked it either and have decided to host round seven of this year’s series there in September.

It looks like we are in for yet another cracking race. The scenery is incredible, the trails are fast and the daily rainfall is sure to shake up proceedings. Berrecloth and Keene seem pretty impressed and if it’s good enough for them, then that’s enough for us.

Before then the Enduro World Series will stop at Samöens in the Alps, before heading to North America for Crested Butte and Crankworx.

Check out the Specialized Stumpjumper Keene used in this video