The Californian mountain bike accessories brand, has now added a huge shoe range, to match its pedals.

Crankbrothers has expanded its mountain bike product range to include shoes.

The American brand, best known for pedals, has delivered three new mountain bike shoes to the market, just in time for Christmas.

Split into two clipless and one flat pedal option, the Crankbrothers collection offers three securing and fit systems per model.

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Dials, laces or straps

Each model has the option of a Boa-dial adjuster, Crankbrothers Speedlace system (a Velcro top strap and laces), or traditional laces.

All three shoes have ample mesh panelling on their upper structures, to facilitate cooling airflow on those hot riding days.

The Mallet and Mallet E are both clipless designs, with Crankbrothers cleats pre-installed. Although other pedal clipless interfaces will work, including Shimano’s nearly ubiquitous SPD, these shoes have been optimized for Crankbrothers interfacing.

Designed to hike-a-bike

Both the Mallet and Mallet E are shoes targeted at enduro riders and downhill racers. They feature a very aggressive tread lug pattern, especially at the front and rear of the shoe. These aid walking traction when pushing up, or edging down, terrain.

Crankbrothers have paid specific attention to create a cleat box allowing for easier clipping and un-clipping.

Turn one of the new Crankbrothers clipless shoes over, and you’ll notice red detailing at the bottom edge of the cleat track. This is the ‘DH race zone’, which allows for a few additional millimetres of rearward cleat positions, for those who descend the steepest of trails.

Those riders who wish to benefit from the Mallet’s generous cleat position adjustment, have option more. A size 42 Boa version weighs 858g, the Speedlace option 856g and a classic lace-up is lightest, at 830g.

The Mallet E Boa is 878g, its Speedlace derivative 874g, and the lace option is 864g.

Prices for the Mallet E range is £179.99 (Boa), £149.99 (Speedlace) and £129.99 for a simple lace-up.

Stamp your authority, on any terrain

The Stamp is for flat pedal riders and has a large block sole tread pattern in the pedal contact area. Crankbrothers have optimized this to aid traction pin integration,

With the Stamp pedal’s front and rear sections, Crankbrothers have moulded much larger directional lugs. The idea here, is similar to the Mallet clipless shoes: superior walking traction, in steep terrain.

Weight ratings for the Stamp are 758g for the Boa, 766g for the strap and lace, and 752g for the traditional lace only option. Corresponding prices are £164.99, £134.99 and £114.99.