"It's our radical, rock smashing, fast-as-you-dare hardtail."

Today marks the launch of a brand new product for Cotic – the Cotic BFeMAX 29er: “It’s our radical, rock smashing, fast-as-you-dare hardtail.”

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Cotic BFeMAX pricing

  • £1,849 for the SLX based Silver build
  • £2,699 for the Gold Eagle GX bike
  • £2,749 for the Gold XT bike
  • £5,299 for the dream build eeWings/X01 equipped Platinum bike
  • Frame £549

Cotic BFeMAX press release

The BFeMAX, our new harcore 29er hardtail. It’s the result of gene-splicing our award winning, super fast SolarisMAX 29er trail hardtail, with our tough-as-old-boots, 27.5″ wheeled BFe do-it-all fun machine.

The BFe (pronouced Beefy) has a long and storied history at Cotic, introduced in 2005 as the tearaway toughnut foil to the subtle charms of the iconic Cotic Soul. As long ago as 2007 Robbie Rickman did the Megavalanche on his BFe26. Imagine what you could do with a BFeMAX?!!

The BFeMAX acts as the same kind of amplified partner to our quintessential hardtail all rounder, the SolarisMAX. It’s rowdier younger brother. You know the one – loads of fun, but a bit on the wild side? That’s the BFeMAX.

If you’re looking for the fastest descending hardtail possible, then you’re in the right place. Designed with 140mm forks in mind, but with the brawn to run up to a 160mm fork, the BFeMAX screams ‘Come and have a go’. There isn’t really anything this bike won’t jump into with both feet: Jumps, drops, big mountains, hacking about in the woods and steamrollering down just about anything, this is the bike you need to embarrass your full suspension riding mates.

There’s enough room for meaty 2.6” tyres and still space for mud. The big wheels carry momentum up and along, then let you grab it by the scruff of it’s neck on the way down, with speed and stability all day. We have brought over the legendary toughness of the BFe with it’s Reynolds 853 down tube spine, and Cotic FM custom butted heat treated cromoly tubeset throughout the rest of the frame for the classic Cotic ride feel.

BFeMAX turns the speed up to 11 with the big wheels; it doesn’t really understand it’s a hardtail!

In a nod to our history of producing hooligan hardtails, one of the launch colours is our Bright Blue. It’s been a mainstay of every new style of BFe since the 2nd generation frame arrived in this classic Cotic colour, way back in 2009. It was also worn to stunning effect by the Gen5 BFe, the bike that pioneered our Longshot geometry in August 2017.

The other colour option is beautifully classy Gunmetal and Copper

Geometry charts are here: 140 fork, 160 fork

As with the recently launched RocketMAX Gen3, Rock Shox Lyric Ultimate is now a fork option, and we now have a selection of Shimano XT and SRAM Guide RSC G2 4 Pot brakes for those wanting a bump in stopping power, but have particular lever feel preferences.

Pricing and specs may still be a little variable for the moment due to parts availability. Hope are back making bike parts again, but current lead times are a couple of weeks for some items, for instance. The Platinum build bike is priced with HUNT TrailWide or EnduroWide aluminum wheels because the usual carbon option isn’t due for another couple of months. We assemble to order in the UK, and you can change the spec of your bike to your hearts content, and if we need to make a substitution we will always contact you and let you know. We find that we have a great conversation with most of our customers about their builds, so it’s just part of the Cotic process.