Seven generations of evolution have delivered the latest Cotic BFe, with all the 27.5” hardtail goodness you’d expect. In two new colours.

If you like hardcore hardtails and you believe in the legacy of Sheffield steel – and smaller wheel sizes – the Cotic BFe has always been the answer.

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Since 2005 the BFe has been synonymous with hucking jumps and descending the calibre of technical terrain, that would typically be seen as the preserve of full suspension bikes. Over the last decade and half Cotic has meticulously updated the geometry and specification of its BFe, keeping the hardcore hardtail current.

The combination of Cotic-specific heat-treated chromoly and a Reynolds 853 downtube, has been thoroughly proven. For riders who relish the challenge of piloting a hardtail along challenging singletrack terrain, Cotic’s hardtails rank highly for their considered geometry, steel ride quality and durability.

Get your lean on – easier

This latest BFe revision hasn’t altered the 27.5in wheel configuration but there are new colourways and the promise of superior cornering agility. Riders seeking the BFe geometry with big wheels, can opt for the Cotic BFeMax.

Rider feedback prompted Cotic to slightly reconsider the BFe’s geometry and as such the seventh-generation version has a 10mm lower bottom bracket. For those riders who value increased nimbleness on flow trails or pump tracks, that lower centre of gravity will not to unnoticed.

Beyond the lower bottom bracket, the geometry charts tally a familiar set of numbers for anyone with recent experience of Cotic’s 27.5in BFe. Although it remains rated for forks up to 160mm in travel, the recommended configuration is 140mm up front, delivering a 65° head angle and 485mm of reach on a size L frame.

The BFe’s rear triangle is formed with S-bend chainstays, supported by Cotic’s Hexten gussets. Tyre clearance is generous, allowing a 2.6” rear tyre to roll without any risk of mud build-up stalling its rotation, even on mid-winter rides.

Pricing for the seventh-generation BFe is £549 and riders who value the agility of a hardcore hardtail, rolling 27.5in wheels, can choose between two colours: matte army green and Cotic’s classic gloss orange.