The 5010 becomes an even more capable trail bike thanks to Cascade Components.

If you like the combination of smaller wheels, shorter travel and Santa Cruz’s VPP suspension, there’s a great new linkage hardware upgrade.

The people at Cascade Components, who machine all manner of clever links for trail and enduro frames, have applied their engineering skill to Santa Cruz’s fourth-generation 5010.

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Unleashing the new VPP’s full potential

With this new link, the 5010’s rear suspension travel can be extended from 130- to 140mm. Supporting the growth in rear suspension travel is a better overall progression ratio, too. The standard 5010 has a 24% progression ratio, with Cascade Components stretching that to 31%.

This new rear linkage also features integrated flip chips, adding another dimension of adjustability to your 27.5” Santa Cruz trail bike. You can keep your 5010 at 130mm of rear travel and benefit from the 7% greater progression ratio, or rotate the flip chips and add 10mm of travel.

Geometry changes that result from this new Cascade Components 5010 link, include a lengthening of the chainstays, by 5mm, when used in the 140mm setting.

There is a 5010 long travel flip chip

Riders who want to push their 5010 trail bikes even harder on technical descents and boost all those jumps, can go for a 210×55 shock configuration. Cascade Components has specifically designed its latest link to work with this shock size, which takes the 5010’s rear suspension potential up to 140mm (in the short-travel flip chip setting), or to 150mm (with the flip chip in long travel).

With Cascade Components doing all its own fabrication, this is a suspension upgrade where you won’t have to worry about stock issues. All 5010 links are machined from 6061-T6 aluminium and use Enduro MAX bearings.

Colour options to match your Santa Cruz 5010 include black, silver and orange. For those Santa Cruz trail bike riders who are finding the limits of their shock travel too frequently, this Cascade Components upgrade is sure to add some additional traction and control, on black and double-black rated descents.