Shimano shows you why Chile, with its stunning scenery, beautiful weather and full-throttle descents should be the top of your holiday destination list

Chile really seems to be the mountain bike holiday hotspot right now. The Andes-Pacifico stage race at the start of each year has really put Chile on the map and recently a whole host of videos coming from the mountain biking paradise has made it clear that Chile is the place to be on two wheels. Just check out Jerome Clementz as he packs in plenty of EWS training by trucking down Chilean volcanoes.

Adventure seems to be the theme of Shimano’s latest video offering, with the component company disappearing down to the southern hemisphere. The fact that this adventure seems to be in a beautiful country with great weather happens to be a bonus and let’s not even get started on how good the trails look. Maybe it was the amount of roost being blown, the speed of the descending or even the ridge line riding but those chilean trails are looking mighty special.

So maybe rather than Morzine, Tignes or elsewhere in the Alps, Chile and it’s beautiful trails should be the next destination for an epic mountain biking holiday. It certainly has plenty of elevation, welcoming riders and incredible trails. Just a shame it happens to be on the other side of the world.