Watch a masterclass in how to handle a bike as Jerome Clementz rips up the loose and steep trails in Finale

The season got off to a pretty swish start for Jerome Clementz in Rotorua, taking the first win in the Enduro World Series as well as putting some demons to rest, having had to sit out most of last season with an injury. With the next round of the series only a few weeks away, check out this recap with Jerome.

It is no wonder that Clementz is the man on top when you see videos of him riding. He floats down these steep, rocky trails effortlessly and at breathtaking speed, rocking that flawless style that has made him the one of the quickest men on two wheels. Drifting across the loose ground and taking off at any opportunity marks Clementz out as one of the superior bike handlers on the circuit and his videos always leave viewers with a desire to ride.

It’ll be interesting to see how Clementz fairs on the trails of Northern Ireland, away from his usual Rocky and dry stomping ground of Finale in Italy. If he continues to ride in the same vein as his last few videos however, he might not have anything to worry about.

There is a ton of great footage of Clementz’s riding, in particular One day, every day gives a great view of a world leader’s off season.