Three new pedals from Hope, all with a new, in-house cleat and retention system. And yes, they come in purple.

Hope F20s are celebrated flats, but if you want to cleat-in the company has three new pedal options for the clipless crew.

The Union range is an exciting new departure for Hope, and riders who value the Barnoldswick company’s dedication to engineering quality and local production.

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Union specific cleat

Engineers and industrial designers at Hope have created a dedicated dual-clip mechanism and cleat for the Union pedals. And no, they aren’t compatible with Shimano SPD cleats.

What the Union mechanism offers, is reduced effort to enter and engage with the pedal. Hope is offering two cleat options, allowing riders to select the amount of free float they need.

A numbers matching configuration means that the Union cleat 4 equals 4° of free float and a 12° release angle. If you require a touch more freedom, especially for those riders who want the foot-out ability in steep and technical terrain, the cleat 5 delivers 5° of free float and has a 13° release angle.

Trail, enduro and gravity options

The lightest of these new Union pedals, is the Race Clip (RC), at only 324g.

Riders who want a touch more pedal body and platform, to help guide that shoe back into place after unclipping in terrain, can opt for the Trail Clip (TC). It features four pins per side and weighs 437g.

Hope’s largest version of the new Union pedal range is the Gravity Clip (GC). Targeted at riders who need all the pedal structure and grip beneath their feet, it has seven pins per side and a weight rating of 498g.

Titanium axles on offer

Available in six terrifically vivid colours, the Union pedal range bodies are CNC machined from aluminium. Clip components and mechanisms are stainless steel, which should prove terrifically durability over time.

The pedal internals copy Hope’s F20 flats, with three cartridge bearings and nonglide bushings.

Chromoly axles are standard for the TC and GC, whilst the Union RC spins on a titanium axle. Riders have the option of upgrading the TC and GC to titanium axles, if the aim is to save a few grams.

Price? Hope is marketing the Union RC and TC pedals at £150, with the GC priced at £160.