It's that man again

Excellent video from Formula with a fascinating interview with Chris Porter from Geometron. It’s always worth listening to what Mr Porter has to say.

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Formula: “In the next eleven minutes, you will learn more than you have learned in the last two years. We met Chris Porter of Geometron Bikes and asked him to tell us about his vision of the Bike Industry. During this meeting, we discovered that many of the beliefs we have about the bike are not that solid and that we are probably only at the beginning of a new era of technological development. There must be a reason if Chris is known in the UK as ‘The Godfather of Suspensions’.”

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Formula: “Did you know that in 2009, Fabien Barel raced DH World Cup with a prototype fork with a three air chambers system made by Geometron’s founder Chris Porter?”

Formula: “Nowadays, MTBs are designed to be speed machines. All of a sudden, you have a bike going faster without a chain, which is an essential component of a mountain bike. What’s that mean? Is MTB technology following the right path or not?”