Akrigg's version of XC isn't quite like anyone else's

Chris Akrigg’s videos are all the same: they’re amazing. In this one he rides a 29erlike some sort of demented speed trials enduro whippet.

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Chris Akrigg’s videos are all the same. By that, we mean that no matter the location, not the bike he’s riding, his riding is always top drawer and totally, totally unique.

No one rides like Chris Akrigg. It is actually hard to pin it down. Like Bruce Lee, his style is no style. And yet, it’s all the stlye rolled into one.

There’s flow, there’s tech, there’s trials, there’s freeride, there’s enduro hustling, there’s just-plain-fast through impossibly tight situations.

There’s even some hillclimb challenge riding in there!

If anyone else tried riding where Akrigg rides and how Akrigg rides, they’d be getting through several rear mechs in one afternoon.

Shot in Akrigg’s West Yorkshire stomping ground around Ilkley, Skipton and Shipley (well, we’re fairly certain so anyway) this brilliant video sees Mr Akrigg totally in his element and is hugely inspiring to watch.

Video description

Mongoose Bikes: “It’s anything but a typical XC ride with Mongoose pro Chris Akrigg. Check out his insane repertoire of skills on his new Tyax Pro 29″. Best to listen with headphones on!”