BMX and mountain bike all-rounder Caroline Buchanan has posted some rather striking images on Instagram after being involved in an off-road car accident.

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In the caption alongside the Instagram post Buchanan details her injuries as “broken sternum, broken nose, collapsed lungs”. Although serious, Buchanan is expected to make a full recovery.

Buchanan and a friend were on private property outside Canberra when a “vehicle roll” occurred.

Here’s the Instagram caption in full: “I wouldn’t say 2017 ended quite as planned. Its been a rough couple of days in ICU after a vehicle roll. I just moved to a private room and everything is moving in a positive recovery direction. Injuries are… Broken sternum, broken nose, collapsed lungs. I’ll will keep you guys up to date as we go. Happy New Year! Off season just got a little more tough!!”

The post has attracted plenty of positive comments (although some commenters appear to have misunderstood what’s happened and think Buchanan’s injuries are either the result of a crash whilst cycling or from being hit by a car whilst on a bike).

Caroline Buchanan is one of the most successful multi-discipline cyclists of recent times. She has a total of eight world championship titles in BMX, mountain bike and, as of last year, mountain bike 4X. She has also represented Australia in the Olympics twice.