Proper mountain bikes for kids.

Mail order bike brand Canyon has just revealed a range of kids’ mountain bikes. Three models in total for children aged 3 and up.

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The age range is 3 years and up. Or, in height terms, 98cm and taller.

  • Offpsring AL 16, 16″ wheel, 98-110cm rider height – £449
  • Offspring AL 20, 20″ wheel, 110-125cm rider height – £599
  • Grand Canyon AL 24, 24″ wheel, 120-153cm rider height – £699

No they ain’t cheap but they are impressively specced and designed.

No boys versus girls

The new range looks typically well thought through from the German direct-sales brand. No boys vs girls naff colourways; just sound colour options that anyone will get along with. We approve.

They appear to be very much aping proper grown-up mountain bikes in terms of geometry and features but haven’t strayed too far into to over-complicated and too-heavy scenario that other brands fall prey to.

So although there are hydraulic disc brakes, thru-axles and capable tyres on them, Canyon haven’t burdened them all with suspension forks or derailleur drivetrains.

Suspension forks only appear on the biggest bike (Grand Canyon AL 24) and the smallest bike (Offspring AL 16) looks like a singlespeed but actually features auto hub shifting from a SRAM Automatix hub.

Proper off-road bikes

Regardless of the model, these are bikes that are specifically designed to be ridden off-road.

The bikes look suitably low-slung with plenty of confidence-inspiring standover and the head angles (68°) on them look nicely stable.

One particularly interesting feature is the use of a larger (18″) front wheel on the Offspring Al 16. This is designed to aid momentum and to help smooth out rough terrain.

Canyon Offspring AL 16

canyon kids bikes

Spec: Aluminium frame, hydraulic disc brakes, handlebar bumpers, SRAM Automatix rear hub, 16″ rear wheel/18″ front wheel, 98-110cm rider height, 8.2kg, £449.

Canyon Offpsring AL 20

canyon kids bikes

Spec: Aluminium frame, hydraulic disc brakes, 9 speed drivetrain, 20″ wheel, 110-125cm rider height, 9.1kg, £599.

Canyon Grand Canyon AL 24

canyon kids bikes

Spec: Aluminium frame, hydraulic disc brakes, 9 speed drivetrain, suspension fork, 24″ wheel, 120-153cm rider height, 10.9kg, £699.