Curious about what a Canyon rides like? Get to one of the CLLCTV events.

Canyon is bringing its bikes to British riders, with the CLLCTV programme.

The German customer-direct brand knows that despite a slick digital sales interface, nothing is more convincing, than time behind the bars.

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Bringing product, to the people

Its CLLCTV events are scheduled for this summer, all over Europe, and include three UK venues.

If you are pondering that new Spectral, Strive or even a Canyon :On e-bike, an extensive demo fleet is sure to serve your needs.

A key enabler of these CLLCTV sessions are the venues that host them. It is no use riding the Spectral or Strive, around a gravel parking area.

Canyon has selected some of Europe’s most authentic and appropriate riding venues, to host its CLLCTV events. With quality trails near each event venue, you’ll get plenty of laps, to see which Canyon model or derivative, might be worthy of your upgrade money.

Get your Canyon sorted – with pro input

For UK fans of the brand, its first stop is the Ard Rock Enduro, on the weekend of 6-8 August. This is followed by a Surrey Hills experience, the following weekend (13-15 August). The final UK CLLCTV event will be at Revolution Bike Park, in Wales, from 20-22 August.

These will not only be opportunities to ride Canyon’s latest bikes, but also get expert advice on model-specific suspension set-up.

Some of Canyon’s team riders will also be present and group rides (lockdown rules permitting) are sure to provide all that summer trail riding festivity, that makes winter tolerable.