If you require shiny metal finishes to complete that boutique build, this DB Heritage if your damper of destiny.

Cane Creek was a pioneer of twin tube damper design for mountain bike rear suspension.

The American component brand launched its original double barrel (DB) shock way back in 2005 and has been refining the concept ever since.

Despite the supply chain challenges of 2020, Cane Creek has managed to deliver a new integrated adjustment version of its DB to market, called the Kitsuma.

Now the North Carolina company is celebrating 15 years of DB shock heritage with a special edition version of its Allen-key adjusting DB coil.

Complete your dream build with one of these

This DB Heritage model is finished in a resplendent combination of polished silver and gold polish metal details, that will certainly appeal to any mountain bikers with an industrial design sensibility.

Mechanically the DB heritage uses Cane Creek’s twin tube independent compression and rebound circuit design. This allows for two high- and low-speed damping circuits and incredibly precise adjustment to specific rider or terrain preference.

Some of the notable upgrades applied to this limited edition DB Heritage, compared to the original DB, are an improved main piston, oil seals and shaft bearing. The result is better environmental sealing and reduces internal fictions, giving it an even suppler feel speeding over technical terrain.

Using the latest suspension curve data, Cane Creek also settled on a revised valving specification, graded to work with contemporary rear linkage systems.

Cane Creek’s DB Heritage shock is assembled by hand and lubricated with Motorex 4wt damper oil. Lengths are 200-, 210-, 216- and 230mm. Priced at $650, Cane Creek will only produce a very limited quantity of these DB Heritage shocks.