Cam Zink has a reputation for doing some crazy things on a bike – look no further than his Red Bull Rampage appearances – but we think this can top it all.

In this video Cam Zink performs a backflip while his 1 year old daughter is sat in a child seat attached to his top tube. It starts as a simple (drunken) bet between Zink and his friends until at 3:35  in the video he straps a helmet on to her and goes for it.

Despite a heavy landing the baby emerges unscathed and looks pretty untroubled by her experience… although Cam Zink does claim that child services were called on his Instagram!

Ok, so we’re pretty sure that there could be some cunning camera tricks going on here, after all that whiplash does look pretty brutal, but he did have us going for a short while! If you want to know how to take your real child out riding safely, then check out our top tips here.