This May, GasGas is giving away a free e-bike with selected motocross bikes in the US.


Spanish motorbike (and e-bike) brand, GasGas caught our eye with a new and intriguing limited-time offer. Buy an off-road motorcycle and get an e-bike thrown in for free! Yes, buy-on-get-one-free deals never looked so tempting, but there is some small print, including the fact that the offer is only available in the USA. Even so, we love seeing a classic motorbike brand diversify into mountain biking, and helping to grow the sport we love from a different angle.

GasGas e-bike

You could be riding away on a free GasGas G Enduro 3.0 if you buy a new motorbike from the brand.

GasGas isn’t the only motorbike brand getting involved in the MTB world – Yamaha already powers most of Giant’s e-bike range, and is slowly bringing out its own bikes. GasGas might not be the most well-known motorbike brand to dip its toes into mountain biking, but it’s part of the KTM group (along with Husqvarna) and have evidently been paying attention with both the GasGas ECC (160mm) and MXC (140mm) platforms using the latest SRAM Powertain, and as well as unique WP suspension (made by DVO) and innovative features like bolt-on frame protection.

Gas Gas Enduro

Full throttle, Gas Gas has its eyes on the e-mtb prize

Buy a motorbike, get a GasGas eMTB free?

Essentially, yes! Although it’s only restricted to those in the US for now. The models of e-bike you could potentially get for free include: the G Trail 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, the G Enduro 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, and the Moto 1 and 2. The names of each denote the type of riding the bike is aimed at – it’s pretty easy to decipher what’s for what, but the G Trail is for trail riding, G Enduro for enduro and so forth.

GasGas e-bike

The GasGas G Trail 3.0 is one of the bikes offered for free in the deal.

Which eMTB you can get as your reward depends on what motorbike you buy. There’s a full breakdown of each eventuality on the GasGas website, but you can also pay an ‘upgrade fee’ if you decide you want an e-bike that’s part of the aforementioned list but not available for free with the motorbike you want. For example, say you’re dead set on a G Trail 2.0, and buy an MC-E 3 motorbike, you can only get the G Trail 1.0 for free, but can pay an upgrade fee to secure a G Trail 2.0.

The deal only applies to those buying a new, unregistered GasGas motorcycle and is available through select dealers in the US.

GasGas ECC6

The GasGas ECC6 is the brand’s flagship enduro model and uses the new SRAM Eagle Powertrain Drive Unit, but sadly it’s not one of the models on offer.

What are the GasGas eMTBs like?

If you’re not in the market for a new motorcycle, or live outside the US, GasGas’s new e-bike range seems to offer great value. You can pick up a G Trail 3.0 with SRAM GX Eagle, Fox Float 36 Factory forks and a Yamaha PW-ST motor for just over £4k (and even less when it’s on offer). We’ve not tested a GasGas eMTB just yet, but we’ve got our eyes on the ECC (160mm) and MXC (140mm) platforms, as they both run the latest SRAM Powertrain, and offer Auto Shift tech as well as being one of the cheapest bikes to use the SRAM motor.

The offer lasts until 2 June, and you can find more information on the GasGas website.