First person to be stood-up in twenty years of the TV show

A Blind Date contestant was stood-up by his fellow contestant who pulled out of attending the first date which was a day mountain biking in Wales.

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We’ve all had people not show up for a planned ride (either cried off due to bad weather or they’re too hungover to steer straight) but this is first time that a no-show has made primetime telly.

You are probably familiar with the TV show Blind Date, even if you’ve never actually seen it. In a recently filmed episode – it’s apparently on Channel 5 now by the way if you want to check this one out – Conor Ellison, 25, was chosen by Rosie Allen, 27, and all seemed well upon their ‘unveiling’ to each other.

Then it all started to go a bit wrong. After the ‘reveal’ of each contestant, one of them gets to choose from a number of sealed envelopes as to what their first date is going to be.

An envelope was duly picked and the show’s host (Paul O’Grady) announced that the first date was going to be… a mountain biking trip to Wales.

To which Rosie blurted “Are you serious? Can we get another envelope please?” And Conor chipped in with “I’ve been stitched up here.”

Rosie later pulled out of the date and Paul O’Grady stepped in for the day of dirt biking.

Did Conor enjoy the day out? Er, not really. “Truthfully, Wales was s***. The weather was horrendous.”