E-bikers to pay £12, regular bikers pay £6

Black Mountains Cycle Centre become the latest place to start charging more to ride an e-bike on their trails. This time e-bikes pay double.

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Posting on social media channels, Black Mountains Cycle Centre explain: “We welcome E bikes to BMCC, however we are aware of the extra number of runs that they allow compared to standard pedal riders. These extra runs cause more impact to the trails increasing the amount of track maintenance required. We will therefore be increasing the price of a ride pass for E bike riders to £12 per day. 👍

As you can see from the screenshot above, the price affects the Push and Ride Day Pass prices.

Why are they charging e-bikers double? Trail maintenance costs. The reasoning behind the move is that e-bikers ride more miles, or do more runs, compared to a regular bikers. Typically e-bikes can do approximately double the amount of laps/miles/runs than a normal bike, especially without an uplift.

BMCC aren’t the first place to charge e-bikes more. Back in June 2017 BikePark Wales announced they were to charge £7 extra for e-bikes to ride their trails.

Much like back then, the BMCC price hike has caused something of a stir online, with e-bikers not happy with the move and the anti-a-bike bridgade gleefully commenting too.