Bike Yoke has a new version of the Revive dropper post range, that offers up to 213mm of stroke, with a larger stanchion. A solution for 34.9mm seat tubes and lots of stroke, from the German dropper post brand.

A decade ago, the 125mm dropper seatpost was considered long. And ideal for first-generation enduro bikes. By today’s standards, 125mm droppers only belong on size small frames or XC bikes. Riders want the best dropper posts to have as much drop as they can get, to maximize the utility of getting your centre of gravity as low as possible with the touch of a lever.

As droppers have grown longer, the issue of leverage and bushing wear has become a reality. As with forks, larger stanchions last better and Bike Yoke has responded with a dropper in the larger seat tube dimension.

Bike Yoke Revive 2.0 Max

Bike Yoke Revive 2.0 Max

Making a better, bigger, dropper

The latest addition to Bike Yoke Revive 2.0 range is the Max. It takes the 213mm dropper to a stouter 34.9mm structure.

Designed to play nice with the latest generation of enduro and bikes, featuring the larger seat tube standard, the Revive 2.0 Max is a great new option for taller riders on the latest enduro frames.

Thicker stanchions are superior

Upsizing from 31.6 to 34.9mm creates a lot more space, for beefier stanchions. And anyone who has ridden a 34- and 36mm stanchion fork, will know the difference only a few millimeters can make to stiffness and durability if you frequently ride technical terrain.

Bike Yoke’s Revive 2.0 Max has a 3mm thicker stanchion, upsizing from 25 to 28mm. This should reduction bushing play issues over time.

Fancy saddle rails on BikeYoke’s own saddle

Industrial designers at Bike Yoke have also reshaped the Revive’s upper saddle clamp, with improved hardware, to prevent creaking.

If you are a dedicated winter weather rider, the latest Bike Yoke Revive dropper seatpost range also benefits from hard-anodized sliding pin grooves on the upper stanchion tube – promising improved corrosion resistance. Especially if your trail or enduro bike doesn’t have a rear fender during winter.

The overall seat post length is 550mm and without an actuator, the Revive 2.0 Max weighs 690g.

It is available in shorter sizes too, with 125, 160 and 180mm options if you happen to run a downcountry bike with the 34.9mm seat tube standard.