Didn't see that one coming.

Team Sky road bike brand Pinarello have just revealed a bit of info about their new Pinarello Andromeda Hybrid 9.9 electric mountain bike.

Pinarello Andromeda Hybrid 9.9 need to know

  • 29+ e-bike (yes, really)
  • 29 x 3.0in tyres (see, told you)
  • Unidirectional Torayca T700 carbon fibre
  • 120mm suspension fork (unnamed at the mo but comes with 35mm stanchions so is presumably a RockShox of some kind)
  • Boost
  • Shimano STEPS motor w/ 250W and 504Wh battery
  • Sizes: S, M, L.
  • Orange or Blue colours.
  • Sub 20kg claimed (sub 44lb)

If you’re a mountain biker and only a mountain biker then there’s a chance you’ve never heard of Pinarello. They’re big in the road cycling world. Team Sky and current Tour de France champ Chris Froome ride around on them.

Will we see The Froomedog ragging it round a trail centre near you on an electric mountain bike? Er, probably not.

But here it is. An electric mountain bike from Pinarello. Pinarello are an established brand with plenty of heritage in road cycling but that doesn’t stop them from trying all sorts of tech that other road brands shy away from or baulk at. Check out their full suspension (well, kind of) road bike.

Although this isn’t the first mountain bike that Pinarello have made – they have Dogma XC bikes already –  this is most definitely the first ever e-MTB from Pinarello.

In an eye-catching thing in the accompanying press release is the phrase: “the first MTB of an unparalleled range of electric bikes”. Sounds very much like there’s more e-bikes coming from Pinarello then.

Seems odd to launch the range with a mountain bike but there you go. Perhaps it was the first model to finished on the production line and they couldn’t wait to show it to the world. Fair enough. One has to admire its uniqueness.

We admire the commitment to doing things their own way. There’s not many companies (we can’t think of any) that are coming out with 29+ e-MTBs.

Why a 29+ e-bike? Well, it’s about off-road touring/bikepacking/adventuring. It’s not a coincidence that Pinarello have also teamed up with a ski resort in the Dolomites that operates a total of six venues in various parts of that mountain range and also has an e-bike sharing scheme for requesting and returning bicycles in any of six locations.