Jerome Clemetz was spotted riding something a bit different at last weekend's British Enduro Series race

Cannondale pro and legendary enduro racer Jerome Clementz was over in the UK last weekend racing on what appeared to be a revised version of Cannondale’s Jekyll enduro bike.

(Photo: NIall Read)

(Photo: NIall Read)

Event photographer Niall Read took this excellent shot of Clementz practicing during the Saturday of the recent Dyfi round of the British Enduro Series.

If we go all CSI on this pic and view a cropped version of the full res photo, it reveals that the bike Jerome is riding on is not his usual Cannondale Jekyll.

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Let’s take a closer look

The most obvious change is that there’s no pull-shock. The rear shock is a normal rear shock.

(Photo: Niall Read)

(Photo: Niall Read)

The lack of bar switches suggests that Cannondale have also ditched on-the-fly adjustable travel and dynamic geometry.

This should make the bike lighter, simpler and easier to service. And no more super high pressures required in the rear shock.

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Anything else we can expect?

Well, there’s the bottle bosses on the seat tube – sure to be a hit with loads of enduro riders who prefer bottles over hydration packs.

From other pics we’ve seen it looks like the new bike has bridgeless seat stays and is single-ring only.

Finally, it look s like this new bike has the same modular internal cable routing as featured on the new 2016 Cannondale Scalpel announced only recently.

Needless to say we’ll update you with any official information whenever we receive it from Cannondale.