An enduro Plus bike?

The new Ibis Mojo HD4 is a full-tilt EWS-ready carbon enduro bike that’s slacker and longer than ever. It will also accept 2.8in Plus tyres.

Ibis Mojo HD4 need to know

  • 153mm carbon enduro bike
  • 2.6-2.8″ tyre compatible
  • Longer, slacker, stiffer
  • 170mm dropper post friendly
  • No confirmed UK pricing (watch this page for updates)

ibis mojo hd4


Ibis have just revealed official details of the latest (4th) generation of Mojo HD. Clearly designed with significant input from the Ibis Enduro World Series race team – who it must be noted are current Team Leaders – the new Mojo HD is significantly longer, a bit slacker and a tad stiffer.

Longer. For example, the Small size frame’s reach has sprouted 4mm. That’s not quite so startling. The XL frame’s reach has lengthened by a whopping 34mm though. That’s quite a bit longer. Stability is the name of the game. Ibis, like most of us, have found that stable bikes are faster, well… everywhere. Steep stuff, corners, climbs, linking stage drags.

Stiffer. It’s Boost, obvs. The frame has had its carbon layup tweaked during the redesign but it’s mostly the suspension linkages that see the beef. The wholly revised lower link is claimed t0 30% stiffer. The upper link is 40% stiffer.

This upper link is still the same fitment dimensions as on the previous Mojo HD3 and owners of that model can indeed purchase this new linkage as an aftermarket upgrade. Which is nice and a very Ibis thing to do. Kudos.

ibis mojo hd4

DW v5

The suspension is still a DW Link but it’s now the most up-to-date V5 version which claims greater efficiency and support. Travel is 153mm at the rear and approved for up to 170mm forks up front.

Lower. As well as getting longer, the Mojo HD4 has improved standover. This is not so much to do with any existing standover issue per se, but it does mean that the new HD can accommodate 170mm dropper posts on all but the Small frame size (which fits a 150mm dropper).

Lower again. The bottom bracket height is now a properly #enduro 343mm from terra firma.

Geometry. 64.9° head angle. 74° seat angle. 430mm chainstays. Nothing hugely pioneering but most definitely contemporary and fitting for a modern trial-cum-enduro-race bike.

ibis mojo hd4

Wider tyres

You may have noticed that the Mojo HD has lost a teensy bit of travel of the years. It originally came sporting 160mm of suspension. The newer 153mm travel is arguably principally down to a general move towards wider tyres. Ibis are big proponents of wider tyres – that’s why they make their own wide rim wheels after all.

Although Ibis aren’t overtly mentioning the P-word very much in their marketing, the new Mojo HD4 will accept 27 x 2.8″ tyres. That’s a Plus bike then. Having said that, the complete bikes appear to be coming shod with the oh-so-2017 2.6″ WT tyre size. Which makes sense really. The traction and compliance of Plus but without the vague squirm potential or overly heavy tyres.

ibis mojo hd4

Other neat touches? A full-size water bottle will fit in the front. Threaded bottom bracket. A well thought out internal and external cable routing combo. Fireball red or añejo silver & lime colourways. And a piggyback shock will fit in there too (just!)

ibis mojo hd4

What’s this then?


Speaking of rear shocks, is that an as-yet un-announced Fox Float X we spy in the pics..?