Kenny power sockets to 'em!

The e-bike is sorta immaterial. This is a cool and inspiring riding video no matter what’s between Kenny Smith’s ankles. WANT TO RIDE NOW.

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devinci ac xt

Devinci AC XT

“Devinci’s 2018 AC salutes those about to rock with the kind of slack, aggressive roll you’d expect from the spawn of Spartan—and with the extra oomph of an e-equipped engine. Tame turbulent descents thanks to a generous 170mm of rear travel meets 180mm of finesse in the fork. And then turn around and hit turbo on the uphill. The Shimano STEPS E8000 engine boosts you to speeds of up to 32 km/h (limited to 25 km/h in Europe). The drive unit is controlled via a left-hand power-mode switch that triggers three settings (ECO, TRAIL and BOOST) for varied terrain. Crank the volume and cue the bangers. The AC is an e-beast that shreds.” – Devinci.

devinci ac xt

Video description

DevinciCycles: “Shredbassador Kenny Smith is a creature of the mossy and the misty. Immersed in his preferred Squamish, British Columbia habitat, he continues to pioneer some of sketchiest, must-stick lines in the rainforest. Since Kenny’s so comfortable with the guinea-pigging program, we recently sent him Devinci’s new AC/ E-MTB to test-drive across some teeth-kicking terrain. The outcome’s been nothing short of electric. Watch Kenny as he jams a fork in the socket and sends it through the coastal thicket.”