#26aintdead on the pump track

It’s back! It’s black (and a bit green)! It’s made for 26” wheels! And the most fun you can imagine on a two wheeled machine: the Cube Flying Circus.

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cube flying circus

Cube Bikes: “First released in 2002, then hiding in the darkness of backyard pump tracks and secret dirt jump spots, 2018 is the year of the comeback of a true friend. Bringing back the fun we had as kids hitting our first jumps and pushing our first rollers, developed with team riders we now call friends.

cube flying circus

“Ridden and tested by Matt Walker, Rémy Metallier and of course us (at CUBE), it has a dialled geometry (two top tube lengths) for dirt jumps, pump tracks or a dual slalom race course. It features adjustable dropouts to run it either with a rear mech or single speed, an iscg mount, a tapered head tube and a non nonsense design. Keeping it real since 2002 and making people smile every time they hop on the bike.”

Pump track stuff

Cube Flying Circus frameset RRP £349.