Trying to cover all bases at such a relatively modest price point is a tough proposition. The Fury stands out with a mildly ‘hooligan hardtail’ appearance, but it doesn’t quite live up to the promise on the move. In theory the addition of U-Turn on the RockShox Tora fork should offer greater potential for testing some of its all-mountain intentions. Unfortunately, the bike is too steep at the front end even with the forks at full 130mm extension, a fact not disguised even with whopping 2.3in Continental tyres in place — hardly a fast rolling tread choice for a first-time buyer.
With one of the only full, or at least over 26in width, riser bars of the test and matched with an aptly stubby stem the Carrera at least instils some cockpit confidence. There’s no doubting the excellent SRAM and RockShox parts but with the mixed messages supplied by the
overall gait it was edged out of the top six by a handful of better shaped multi-taskers.